Media Create software sales (12/13 - 12/19) - Top 50

Media Create has released an expanded listing of the best-selling games from Japan. Final Fantasy XIII: International for the Xbox 360 makes its first appearance on the chart.

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Karooo3040d ago

What are FF sales figures?

Chris3993040d ago

Neogaf has it pegged at somewhere between 2 and 5K.

Vherostar3040d ago

You would think devs would have given up by now wouldnt you?? If FF cannot crack Japan nothing can really.

Spenok3040d ago


Dude it did crack Japan..... on PS3. Anyone who wanted it bought it on that system when it launched last year already. Lol

Chubear3040d ago

If SE had this kind of dedication for the PS3 and it's gamer base, the company would be in a lot better financial shape than it is now and yet they still go all out for one console that has not brought them remotely close the kind of success the PS has and continue their meh attitude with Sony's PS3 and their user base

This is not about business with SE, it is obviously now personal. It has been since PS2 days but PS2 was so dominant SE just took a chill pill but they came out all guns blazing this gen to see it they could turn the tides on PS and they have so far failed miserably but they still don't care.

FrankMcSpank3040d ago

Square Enix publishing COD in japan says it all.

I would like to believe SE would get their stuff together on the console side, but I doubt they would.

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Shanks3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

Holy shit @ Monster Hunter 3, this is ridiculous.
Isn't the PSP supposed to be dead? what the hell is going on?

Neckbear3040d ago

The PSP is dead in NA, and you can't really deny that.

However, in Japan at least, it's kinda different.

showtimefolks3040d ago

tell me how is that dead and how is lifetime sales of 50million bad for psp yeh its not ds numbers but psp isn't supporting cooking mama's

its a hardcore portable system simple as that

Cloudberry3040d ago

It ain't dead yet until I get my hands on the English version of Dissidia Duodecim, The 3rd Birthday, Final Fantasy Agito XIII, etc.

Godmars2903040d ago

Despite how FFXIII was received in JP on the 360 a year after release on the PS3, this is still an indication that vsXIII will go multi.

Really can't see a man like Wada, who has publicly begged and apologized to MS to accept FFXIV on the 360 even though its MS policies that kept it off, wouldn't put pressure on the dev team to make it happen. Even if it compromised the quality of the title. Especially if it came at a compromise.

Yeah, I was a Square fan. So if it goes multi, the franchise will be dead to me. I expect reviews will support that decision.

Chris3993040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

At present, I'm not convinced for several reasons.

A.) MS don't give a crap about JRPGs. Last exclusive was Magna Carta 2 in 2009. Not a single one released or on the horizon since. By contrast the PS3 had several exclusive JRPGs in 2010 and has even more in 2011. Developers have shifted to the PS3 for this genre.

B.) JRPGs don't really fit with the MS 2011 portfolio. Their focus will be on Kinect and a the requisite "core" shooters to appease their fans (Gears, COD, "core" multiplats that they'll secure DLC or exclusive commercials for).

C.) I don't think that Wada or SE actually got a cheque from MS, I think that MS simply enticed them with promises about how well FF would sell on the 360 (Aaron Greenburg even made comments to this regard). When the smoke cleared, the PS3 version thoroughly stomped the 360 SKU with virtually no advertising in NA (everything that I saw was for the 360 SKU, NA even had a bundle).

So taking into account the cost of making a FF game, then delaying it to make it multi-platform, then launching a massive ad campaign for the SKU that sold the least, THEN doing the same thing in Japan to abysmal results...

I'd peg it as having a fair to good chance of staying exclusive now.

Godmars2903040d ago

Thing is the FF 360 release wasn't months ago but weeks. The apology to MS for being unable to put XIV on their console, which came the literal day after the official Sony announcement, is also recent.

Chances are in Wada's mind the only reason XIII sold poorly on the 360 in Japan is the delay. That with vs still in development all he has to do is flat out break the company's word and turn it multi from day-one. Fu*k that like XIII it was PS3-only title and changes may have to be made.

FFXIII was a literal dead horse and the douche still tried to make run a lap. That says too much right there.

acky13040d ago

Go Sony, Go Sony, Go Sony, Go Sony, Go! Go! Go!
Sony 'til I die

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