CVG: Halo Reach leaks, iPad and PS3 delays: 2010 in Review - January

2010 arrived, the fifth birthday of the current console generation was fast approaching and although no new consoles were in sight, it would nevertheless be a big year in the evolution of gaming.

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Cevapi883039d ago

"the mother of delayed PlayStation games. Of course, we're talking about Gran Turismo 5."


seij5553039d ago

Funny how they forgot to mention crisis 2, gears 3, and other delays.

ChristianGamer3039d ago

Gears hasn't been promised since 06, crysis neither. GT5 was

PirateThom3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Neither was Gran Turismo 5. Vision Gran Turismo was shown at E3 2005, but that was scrapped... Gran Turismo 5 was first officially unveiled at E3 2009.

So we can all talk about delays and waiting and early reveals, but everything shown prior to that was Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. "Knowing it's coming" doesn't really given weight to the waiting or promises argument.

norman293039d ago

I wish to fecking god people will stop slating GT5 for being delayed, it has only ever had 2 OFFICIAL delays not all them bullcrap random dates that get thrown about and taken as gold then everyone got upset because it 'got delayed' when they wernt release dates anyway, so stgdfu and go play the game youve been waiting so long to play

Xusuyzus3039d ago

CVG,.. nuff said,..

they are worse than Kotaku by now

Actually I used to love that site about 10 years ago ,.. now it is the worst shit ever,..