Buggy game purchasers 'entitled to refund'

Owners of buggy or glitchy video games are entitled to a full refund, Trading Standards has said on record.

Rules state that all goods should be of "satisfactory quality" it's said, which means (at launch at least) you should be entitled to your Black Ops PS3 and Fallout: New Vegas money back.

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BeOneWithTheGun3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

"If the consumer wishes, they can also request a repair or replacement"

Um, this isn't a car. What is the retailer going to do? Access the code in the disc and re-write it so it stops glitching? That is what a patch does.

Now, I totally support putting the hurt on a dev that releases a faulty game via getting your money back, but how in the world is replacing it going to help anything" They were all pressed from the same place! It's not like one is going to be less buggy than another. IF it's too much for you just get your money back.

For me, Black Ops was a deal breaker but for Fallout I had more understanding. An open world game that size is an actual nightmare to program and trying to re-create every possible scenario in quality testing is impossible. As long as the devs are on top of things and getting the patches out fast then I have no problem. When they obviously don't care and even let one platform run smoother than another, THAT is where I get pissed.

We all know that Activision made a better game for the 360 because they get a portion of the LIVE revenue stream from MS. Why would they want people to play it on PSN where they do not see a penny? THIS is the crap that warrants a lawsuit. Bethesda, really does try to make it right and their games beat any COD offering in spades. More forgiving I am towards them.

Deathstroke3036d ago

When discs get scratched or w/e they can act a bit buggy & the replacement would be for that. If you have a PS3 then you don't need to worry about that. It's mainly for people with a 360 as some 360s will scratch up a disc naturally(?).

Elven63036d ago

"We all know that Activision made a better game for the 360 because they get a portion of the LIVE revenue stream from MS."

Proof? You don't think other publishers like EA or THQ would revolt if this was happening? Or that it would need to be publicly reported by Activision or Microsoft?

DaCajun3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

This does not affect the US because this is an article from a UK magazine about laws in the UK not the US. So in other words the US gets screwed because we probably don't have a similar law to protect consumers of buggy software here in the US? If we did thousands of people would have got their money back for that crap they called windows vista but instead they put out windows 7 that worked right and charged full price to everyone even though the vista people should have got it free. Big business always have the better lawyers and deeper pockets to persuade the lawmakers.

Rush3036d ago

I can see the next press release by Activision now Black Ops doesn't have bugs it has game limiters meant for your health and safety.

Spenok3036d ago

While i do agree with you being happy about this, but isnt the phrase 'About Time' a little off the mark seeing as how this act went up in 1979?

tplarkin73036d ago

All games have bugs. The bug would have to be utterly horrible in order to demand a refund. The bug would have to wipe important data or make the game completely unplayable.

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kratos1233036d ago

about time now publishers like activision will think twice when bringing out a game

scruffy_bear3036d ago

But doesnt every game have a less one bug what about them or will it just be game breaking bugs

Wizziokid3036d ago

I think it will be the more serious bugs than just a simple thing

Fall out and Black ops would be screwed that's for sure.

AKissFromDaddy3036d ago


I believe only the game-breaking bugs like the ones in Black Ops.

Wizziokid3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

This is actually great, it will teach those lazy developers to make a game work before releasing it, Yes all games have bugs and I'm not saying its a bad thing but games like Black Ops and Fall Out: New Vegas should not have been released until they worked.

it would be great to take back the money Activison robbed from me ;)

Darth_Bane793036d ago

This is great information!!! I wish this news would be really widespread so people would return games like BO, get their refund, and make de developers think twice before releasing unfinished games. Then the next product would have to be of better quality. TALK WITH YOUR WALLET PEOPLE!!!

tdogchristy903036d ago

Hence why I still haven't picked up Black Ops. I refuse to or any other COD until prices are low enough and I can buy it off of eBay or something.

Darth_Bane793036d ago

It was hard with all my friends at work and online getting this game and trying to push me to get into the bandwagon and all, but I resisted and never bought it either. And with all the problems that people are having I feel reassured that I made the right decision :)

KillerPwned3036d ago

Same here i never bought it i borrowed it from friends i did enjoy it to a extent but then i could see all the many flaws in the game. I`m gladly happy i never bought it. From the start tho from MW2 i felt i should really wait to see if its worth my money or not other then rushing out to get the next big game everyone will be playing. Now a lot of people are complaining about that game wishing they never bought it, i have a few friends that sold it already.

Most deff the right choice to wait.

Masterchef20073036d ago

This is perfect. Finally devs will learn to not release buggy games. Take that Vegas and Black Ops

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