Top 5 Games of 2010 (Video)

New England Game lists off its top five favorite games from 2010. In a year loaded with great games, who do you think will, or should make the top cut?

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showtimefolks3036d ago


all deserve to be on this list ME2 is more like a top 10 than a top 5. i feel like bioware took more out of the game to make it a shooter first and RPG elemets are too small to even notice, yeh you get a few pints to invest into stats but no armor upgrade or atleast the way it was in ME2 i know there is still a way to upgrade armor and stuff but to me ME1 was more of a better game even with bad frame rate

yakuza 3

and let me put borderline in there i mean with all the dlc i played that game for atleast 150-200hrs alone not online just offline so good. I hope borderline 2 is better overall with more of a story,better weapons how about make a weapon and let's try something other than pandora

Dark_Charizard3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

1. Super Mario Galaxy 2
2. StarCraft II
3. Mass Effect 2
4. Red Dead Redemption
5. God of War III

Agree if you think the entries are correct, regardless of their order.