IGN: Your Guide to Fallout: New Vegas

Remember your New Year's resolutions? Screw 'em. It's time to conquer New Vegas. With IGN's guide to all things Fallout: New Vegas, cleaning up your unfinished side quests and story missions was never easier.

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velocitygamer3040d ago

Fallout 3 is better IMO. The sense of survival in Fallout 3 was really there. Fallout New Vegas had some great features, like modding weapons, which was really useful since in fallout 3, guns like the Hunting rifle die out as you find guns like the Lincoln Repeater. Fallout 3 with all the expansions, is definitely better than New Vegas. I suggest you buy the GOTY edition of Fallout 3, you'll enjoy it more than New Vegas.

LunaticBrandon3040d ago

I'm going to have to disagree completely. Fallout New Vegas is better in every way. Playing Hardcore Very Hard in New Vegas is Hell. Fallout 3 was never difficult. Fallout 3 also has a very linear plot with generic save the world, good guys and bad guys BS. Having played Dead Money I can say I find it to be the best Fallout DLC to date and there is more on the way. If someone hasn't played 3 and the DLC they should but to me New Vegas is the superior game.

velocitygamer3040d ago

I agree with the plot. It was just "Waa Waa, my daddy left me, I have to find him now". IMO, if you are new to the serious, Fallout 3 GOTY edition is a must have.

HobbsCanuck3040d ago

I agree. I never heard of Fallout before, so I didnt know what I was getting into for Fallout 3. It ended up being my favourite game ever! It was very dark, and depressing, but it really gave a sense of survival, horror, and it was quite erie at times. The story in New Vegas is better, aswell as combat, but the map was smaller, and there isnt anything like the downtown, or Metro. I used to spend hours in downtown DC trying to find houses, and stores that I could enter, and almost every one had a story to it that you could uncover by reading a few notes or tapes. I still love NV, but it could be better.

EL Lanf3040d ago

Though I played FO3 100+, aswell as Broken Steel, I never really did enjoy it much. To me the world felt boring, and too serious.

FNV however, is completely different, I'm absolutely addicted to it, and I love it. I'm not sure if its because I picked up the PC version this time around, so I've modded the hell out of it, or if its down to the improved combat, by implementing true iron sights, a larger variety of small arms (I.e, I'm not just using the Chinese Assault Rifle, Or Sniper Rifle) as well as actually including less depressing locations (The Strip) and funny and awesome characters, not to mention 4 main different main story paths.

Still, its not going to to ESIV: Oblivion for me.

showtimefolks3040d ago

but everyone who i know who have this game has said waite for them to release a few patches to fix the many many issues

its the devs every game they touch has a good story but everything else is either broken or not completed

also from what i have seen in the reviews and others have said that FO3 has a better story

i have a xbox360/ps3 which version has less bugs and which version has the latest patch/update? anyone

JohnnyHalo3040d ago

360 has less bugs + new patch and DLC.

showtimefolks3040d ago


not a big pc gamer and i don't think i have a good enough pc for gaming.

since i have ps3/xbox360 i don't mind getting it for either

also i hope next FO is made by obsidian and made on ID's new engine using rage i think

captain-obvious3040d ago (Edited 3040d ago )

i'll wait for the GOTY on the PS3
it'll have everything on one disk
just like FO3

and that includes the latest patches = less bugs + all the DLCs all for free

mobijoker3040d ago

Obsidians games always have great story but their games are buggy bcoz they try to do something new by pushing their limit.I have played each one of obsidian's games and even their worst game alpha protocol has something innovative-the dialogue mechanics which imo best in this gen and many studios will follow it in future including Bioware.If you want to go for NV,get the pc one.It is fully patched and some very good mods are available there.