The Last Story finally complete, has been in development for a long time

Final Fantasy creator's new game has been in development longer than one may have expected.

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NovusTerminus3039d ago

Great... Can we get a US release?

deafwing3039d ago

oh shit .. I forgot about this game.

FarEastOrient3038d ago

I'm hoping for great sales! 3rd party games need a sign of hope on the wii that to sell over a million.

Stealth20k3039d ago

Wont matter this is import material

Eamon3039d ago

Yep, but only if it has english subs and text.

FinalSpartan3039d ago

hope this is good JRPG, recent FF games were trash. and recent JRPGs were trash too.

zeddy3039d ago

the last story kinda sounds like final fantasy.

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Apocalypse Shadow3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

they better be careful,if it has been in development for 5 years,it may get bashed for it and have points docked.....

Godmars2903039d ago

More like it could have been a 360 project, but he chose not to put it on the system.

Given a few of the man's statements, he's not hot on HD consoles in general.

kreate3039d ago

but if he put it on the 360. wouldnt the game bomb?

Godmars2903039d ago

He'd have to commit more money and resources to make it HD quality,and by now its pretty much proven that a game on the 360 wont sell well in JP. So yeah, it would "bomb."

And to anyone who disagrees, Kinect's general failure in Japan more than proves that the 360 has tanked there.

PlayerX3039d ago

Lol still crying? How sad.

yewles13039d ago

The onlu ones crying are you and pwned reviewers.

kreate3039d ago

i wonder if its going to be good.
is it going to sell?

i have a difficult time playing non-HD games.
sakaguchi needs to sell it on the PS3 and Xbox360.

i hope he doesnt pull a yoichi wada on us.

Godmars2903039d ago

Dude, its because Sakaguchi pulled a Sakaguchi, was too focused on a project with no concern for costs, that Wada is where he is.

Desert Turtle3039d ago

You have a hard time playing non-HD games? What did you do during all the previous generations?

kreate3039d ago

i use to use the telephone with quarters.
i use to ride a bike.
i use to watch tv on the big square tv.
i use to play games on the big square tv.

but in 2010.

i rather use a cell phone.
i rather drive a car.
i rather watch tv on a flat panel LCD screen.
i rather play HD games.

its kind of hard to go backwards. i rather move forward.

RedDead3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

Well, I feel sad for you then, would you like me to put down Ps3 and 360 games because they're not up to standard with Pc resolution or would you never want to play a PS2 or Ps1 game again? Poor guy.

NeutralGamer3038d ago


Whats wrong with riding a bike you fat bastard??

NON-HD games are still great... Just get a 22 inch TV and U wont notice is so much...

ChickeyCantor3038d ago (Edited 3038d ago )

"its kind of hard to go backwards. i rather move forward."

Then i suggest you forget your child hood as well.
Going by your logic, doing something "classic" is a step backward.

You should be shot for listening to music from the past.

Everyone grab your pitchforks and torches, this man shall burn!!! the Blasphemer shall pay!!! ( although the sight of a group of people holding pitchforks and torches will give him a panic attack since its not so modern)

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TheMutator3039d ago

Bring back Lost Odyssey 2

EYEamNUMBER13039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

how can you bring back lost odyssey 2 it doesn't even exist.... >___>

TheDivine3039d ago

Amen! My favorite jrpg ever. Blew FF away. Id rather have a sequal to that and blue dragon but the last story looks better than any other jrpg including ff13/ffvs13. Mistwalker is the new king. Damn wii sub hd! Honestly though, the game looks as good as some 360/ps3 games and has great art.

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The story is too old to be commented.