New Map Unveiled - Stunning Crysis 2 Shots Emerged

Some brand new artworks of Crysis 2 will show you a new multiplayer map "Pier 17" and stunning New York impressions.

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3040d ago
SnakeMustDie3039d ago

Those screens look amazing. Crytek should release more game footage. Maximum Orgasm!!

FinalSpartan3039d ago

hopefully i can do this in FP view in Crysis..


oguzsasi3039d ago

People say AMAZING every time they see something new! Its a OH MY GOD reflex thats all! But those screens didnt like they were out of this world we all know this! Nothing special...

specialguest3039d ago

If that's nothing special to you, then tell me what is? Show me some examples.

3039d ago
Commander_TK3039d ago


Developers don't make games for PC? Have u ever played on a PC b4? Have tried Steam? U seen the indie packs there?

nickjkl3039d ago

i read that same exact comment somewhere


specialguest3039d ago

That is very impressive, and a glimpse into the future.

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poindat3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I agree. I always laugh when people are surprised when a game ends up not meeting the standards they had set and wonder why. Well that initial over-reacting "OH MY GOD reflex" (as you put it) is why. 90% of the time, disappointment is the result of the gamer being an ignorant emotionally-uncontrollable moron rather than the result of the game itself. If more people would figure this out then maybe the N4G community wouldn't be so idiotic and filled with garbage... But then again that's probably asking for too much. :p

Socrates3039d ago

Wow, a tech demo. Now, show me a game that looks that good.

Which is exactly the point. Crysis 2 looks amazing compared to other games.

muzzy3039d ago

Do Germans know any other words than "stunning"?

MisfitSmurf3039d ago

I swear im stabbing someone next time an article says stunning in its title.

Bolts3039d ago

N4G need to stop accepting submissions from this crap German site. Every headline is titled with "amazing", "stunning", and "awesome" to troll for hits.

As for Crysis 2, I haven't seen a single shot that can be characterized as amazing. Crysis Warhead can look just as good. I can hardly tell the difference between the two games.

3039d ago
mrcash3039d ago

graphics quality look the same as killzone, and no one ever complains about all the praise kz gets.

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