Microsoft: More Reveals in 2011

Xbox Group Product Manager David Dennis explained to IGN in a recent interview, however, the company has even more in store for fans next year, including a variety of still-unannounced exclusive titles.

"We have other games in the pipeline, Kinect games, non-Kinect games, core and casual games, and other third-party titles," Dennis said. "We've also got some tricks up our sleeve that we haven't announced on the Xbox Live front as well. I think we certainly feel like we have the setup for great, continued momentum."

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Darth Stewie3764d ago

They said that this year and all we got announced was Kinect games.

MariaHelFutura3764d ago

According to MS, Kinect is the Future of Gaming.

units3764d ago

According to sony ps3 super computer that can play games at 120 frames per second

DigitalRaptor3764d ago

No... I don't believe Sony has ever stated that, but even if they have, it doesn't matter, since they are actually bringing the best games in 2011.

MariaHelFutura3764d ago


No, I`m pretty sure I said that.


Nitrowolf23764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

he said it's capable and at the time he said that not many Television supported it. So now that There are TV that support it, i wonder if it's still possible? IDK if you take in account of how many games run full at 60FPS for PS3 then maybe not. Who knows it might just take a good developer team.

Either way they never promised it, the media only assumed it cause he said it capable (there is a difference).

Wenis3764d ago

Wow, more games to be revealed in 2011. Who would have guessed.

HATE5063764d ago

You people do realize that the ps3 was supposed to be more powerful than it is now right? But it was rushed out to compete with the 360

candystop3764d ago

Great news indeed! February to E3 should put things into perspective. Don't want to get my hopes up but for once I hope MS shuts up the haters.

CrippleH3764d ago

Welcome to your future of gaming 360 owners. It's not my future.

starchild3764d ago

I'm already going to be swamped with games next year. 2011 is the year of amazing multiplatform games. There have never been so many awesome multiplatform games that I wanted. Any exclusives I get on the PS3 or 360 is just icing on the cake.

Theonik3764d ago

It can do pong at 120fps+++ just a question if devs want more gfx or more fps.

ComboBreaker3763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

"According to sony ps3 super computer that can play games at 120 frames per second"

GT5 in 2D is rendering at 60 FPS. GT5 in 3D is rendering at 120 FPS (to do 3D, you have to render twice as many frames).

DigitalRaptor3762d ago

@ People disagreeing with HATE506:

He is completely right... Sony downgraded the specs of the PS3 when they learned of Microsoft's 360 coming out in 2005.

Rather than letting them have a 2 year lead, they cut it down to one year, and cut their hardware along with it.

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FACTUAL evidence3764d ago

Suuure MS....I'll believe it when I see it...then again the only "Exclusives" MS get is DLC...and that's always timed. MS this just isn't your decade this gen.

saladthieves3764d ago

WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU?? You have the potential to really compete with Sony by coming up with new IPs or in house devs but all you are doing is shoving down Kinect crap down my throat! You Microsoft guys are shooting yourselves in the foot. Have you seen Sony's 2011 greener grass offerings? How are you going to compete with such insane lineup of exclusives?

Where is your hard core lineup for 2011? More Kinect stuff?...that will blow me away?? Really?? You guys are the reason why my 360 is gathering more dust and inching closer to an eBay sell-off. What's that?'ve got that covered? With WHAT?? Lots of money wasted on timed exclusives? MORE KINECT??? Multiplatform games?? You do know that those are also available on the PlayStation 3, right? You do know that also all that timed exclusive turns to bullshit as once it gets released ALL ON ONE DISC for free on the PS3 it makes those who spent $40 on the content look like morons? Just admit it, the casual is the way you are going. Don't tell me silly talk like: "Hardcore gamers will be the first to buy Kinect." LMAO!! Who am I kidding, my 360 is screwed.

EVILDEAD3603764d ago

So wait a minute..only 4 hours before you wrote this fake letter you calmly wrote:

'I understand that Microsoft is just trying to support its new peripheral, but what about the Non Kinect based exclusives that trully appear to the hardcore gamers??? If all we have for next year is Kinect, then GOD HELP YOU MICROSOFT, because the road you are heading down to could make you lose a lot of Xbox fans who made you who you are today!'

But only HOURS later you are pretending that every 360 on earth just imploded because of a PS3 exclusives list?

So let me help write what you were really trying to say..

Dear Microsft..

I hate that millions of people bought that Kinect peripherals and 360s this holiday. I am mad because you are not supposed to make ONE game for it in the entire year of 2011. Your supposed to spend your entire gaming budget making new IPs like Alan Wake that I didn't support. That makes the most sense. Never in your entire history have you announced your entire E3 line-up on Christmas of the year before (over 6 months before E3). But since I'm going to pretend you did, I will rant and rave how it is impossible for you to have ANY exclusives to announce in the coming year. I will also pretend that every PS3 exclusive is coming out in umm January. How on earth can you comete with games like Unchated 3 when it comes out an entire year from now (cough) oops umm I mean it out next month with the rest of that unstoppable list. And even though you released Halo Reach 4 months ago, Fable 3 months ago, Kinect and over 15 games less than two months ago, Call of Duty: Black Ops broke records a month ago..I will pretend that my 360 collected dust and there were absolutely no games to play for it at all. I will also claim that I will sell my 360 on Ebay, even though no one cares, because it's Christmas day and there are millions of people opening their new Xboxes for the very first time. Who am I kidding, the only person I'm convincing is myself anyways.

Yup that sums it up..

Yeah, you might want to just sel it on Ebay today. According to you the 360 is 'screwed'..

Can't wait till next year to see how it all goes down..


HolyOrangeCows3764d ago

So what big Xbox 360 games were announced THIS year that released THIS year?

Go ahead, tell me, I'll wait.

Microsoft's "secret exclusives" will be limited to indie titles and Kinect games. Microsoft always promises secret exclusive reveals on lean years (Google "Microsoft Xbox 360 surprises 2009"....they had "Secret Exclusives" planned for that year, too).

What secrets did 2009 hold? Fable 2? Nope, that was announced in 2006. Gears of War 2? Oh, yes! In Feb '08. And then there was.......ahh.....ummm.....hmm m....

I think I've made my point.

EVILDEAD3603764d ago

'So what big Xbox 360 games were announced THIS year that released THIS year?'

The entire Kinect line-up..

Why settle for announcing one game when they dropped the Slim 'bomb' on E3 and released it the VERY next day.

So your using Gears of War 2 which was anounced 3 months before E3 and released that November?

We are only in December of 2010 and we are supposed to pretend that no 2011 E3 announcements will be made based of a year what?

LOL @ these trolls spend their entire existance in a meaningless campaign to bash a console they won't own

I think I've made my point as well


Stryfeno23764d ago

Amen Evildead360...Amen.

stubbed_out3763d ago

Evildead, I understand you are defending your position with Microsoft, high five to that...but can you honestly not understand that absolutely everyone over the age of 5 that knows the layout of the 360 controller off the top of their head doesn't really regard Kinect 'games' as games?

Yes it will be fantastic if they bring out some actual 'games' and not some mini-game tiger boat leaping car family festive yuletide fun...(brief too). Alas, now I'm blabbering.

The point is, making an announcement that you'll be making future announcements isn't really all that much of an announcement. Truth is these announcements of upcoming games don't see the light of day till a year or two in advance...thus we have a kind of vacuum in between. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

EVILDEAD3603763d ago (Edited 3763d ago )

'but can you honestly not understand that absolutely everyone over the age of 5 that knows the layout of the 360 controller off the top of their head doesn't really regard Kinect 'games' as games?'

So basically you are saying that everyone over the age of 5 doesn't consider 99% of Nintendo Wii 'games' as 'games'..

'Yes it will be fantastic if they bring out some actual 'games' and not some mini-game tiger boat leaping car family festive yuletide fun...(brief too). Alas, now I'm blabbering'

Look you can pretend that releasing 17 games for Kinect is NOT releasing 17 games for Kinect..whatever floats your boat man

But gamers know that there are MANY different types of games.

Play Kinectimals and pretend it's not an actual game. See, ingnorance is bliss but Kinectimals is just as mch of a game as Spyro the Dragon or Crach Bandicoot. Believe me and any critic out there..We were completely suprised by the quality of that title..and guess what? ;It's NOT some some mini-game tiger boat leaping car family festive yuletide fun'

Ok let's keep ity 100%..both Microsft and Sony went after the success of the Wii..But as we can tell..The fan kids are pretending that Micrsoft are the ONLY ones who should be criticized for doing it.

Wii Sports is considered the #1 selling 'GAME' of this gen (with a bazillion sold)

Sony released Sports Champions for Move
Kinect has Kinect Sports, Motion Sports etc.

The Wii Fit & Plus have done staggering numbers

Kinect has released titles like Fitness Evolved that are more immersive because you don't need to hold anything

Just Dance is doing crazy numbers on the Wii..Kinect released Dance Central and it's donr by are we going to pretend that 5 year olds and above don't consider Guitar Hero a 'GAME'

Wii has Mario Kart..Kinect released Joyride ..

The point is they used the Nintendo blueprint of success to shape their launch..but the haters are pretending somehow that the Wii and even Move arent doing the same thing

People like yourself say that 'Yes it will be fantastic if they bring out some actual 'games' and not some mini-game'

But, from jump at E3, Ubisoft showed Child of Eden using Kinect..clearly a 'game'

It's customary to show what you are going to be releasing at the game conventions..At the Tokyo Convention Microsoft announced 5 hardcore 'GAMES' for Kinect being developed by Japanese developers. Including Steel Battalion and Project Draco based off of two of the most 'hardcore' games released on the original Xbox last gen.

'The point is, making an announcement that you'll be making future announcements isn't really all that much of an announcement'

See you obviously haven't been a gamer for the last last two gens. That's exactlty how it's done. You announce a game, show a teaser, get magazine & internet coverage and show it at a conference prior to E3 or at E3 in June, when the entire Earth is watching.

But, it would be entirely stupid to show your cards on Christmas of the year prior to E3. The press would destroy you for doing it.

I'm just keeping it real..this isn't just defending Microsoft..this is common sense..

Merry Xmas to you as well


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ipe3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

its almost the myth that MS announce games in same year they release. Except forza 3 every other game was announced 12 months or more before release.
gears announced in 2010
forza 4 announced in 2010

reach announced in 2009
fable 3 announced in 2009
wake announced in 2005
conviction announced in 2004
crackdown2 announced in 2009

forza 3 announced in 2009
odst announced in 2008
h. wars announced in 2008

left4dead titles were announced by EA

see the pattern?? not only for dates but for same games every year or two.

Sooooo what re chances IF ey announce something that it ll see the light of day in same year aka 2011??

jessupj3764d ago

360 fans this year kept saying 'wait and see what MS announces', but I don't recall anything new getting announced. And now you're saying the same thing. I honestly think it's just going to be kinect titles.

It will be interesting to see if anyone 'defects' to the ps3. We've already heard a few stories of 360 fans losing patience with MS.

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PS3ROCKS3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

We know another halo. And one month exclusive to Call of duty(overly price DLC) .

eggbert3764d ago

if its revealed in 2011, majority of them will probably be 2012 releases anyways.

2011 is probably one of the worst 360 exclusive years.

Halochampian3764d ago

People every year say that. But the 360 gets enough love every year. I say that each system is about even when it comes to good exclusives.

Maybe its just me.

This year I got:

PS3: GOW3, GT5
360: Halo: Reach, Fable 3, Mass Effect 2, Alan Wake

As for next year.. I see more on the PS3 as of now. But that could change.

I bought my PS3 for the exclusives. But overall I play more games on my 360. It's a preference.

But I already have enough games to buy next year as is.

bodybombs3764d ago

finally... a true gamer and not some lame ass fanboy who cares about his or her precious system..(notice i said system and not systems)

i too have both. good games come out on both. who cares which one has more fps or can deliver more exclusives.

honestly i think i buy more 360 exclusives every year anyway. not like it matters, because it doesnt. when a game comes out that im interested in, i buy it. who the fuck cares what system its on

FragMnTagM3764d ago

Pretty simple really. Unless you have a blind devotion to a hunk of plastic and metal.

Having a PS3 and a 360 is what a TRUE gamer would do. Fanboys and poor people have only one system.

jessupj3764d ago

I keep hearing this crap about only true gamers would have both consoles. It just makes you look like an arrogant fool. I consider myself a very hardcore gamer. I have 38 platnium trophies, I'm about rank 1,500th in the entire PS3 world community. I'm consistantly at the top in multiplayer games and actually try to coordinate with my team.

You can't tell me I'm not a true gamer just because I don't have a 360. I'm missing out on a very small handful of games as I have a gaming rig. Maybe if I had money to waste, but I only buy products that I think are worth it. And I refuse to support companies that just bring down the industry with their greed of money.

It's obvious MS and Activion have absolutely no interest in games, they are purely about money. Closing down studios, delaying DLC for PS3 owners by buying it timed for 360 owners, delaying entire games for PS3 owners by waving cheques, the list goes on. And that's why I have never bought a COD game and will probably never buy a MS console. Will I miss out on a few games? Sure, but I'm a man of principles and I refuse to support anyone that just brings the industry backwards.

I might not have a 360, but I still play a lot of games and perfect them. I am still a true gamer.

MrBeatdown3763d ago


lol. Buying a console for a handful of exclusive games each year does not make you a TRUE gamer. 95% of games are on both platforms or the one you already own (assuming it is a PS3 or 360.

Paying for access to that last 5% of games that are only on the platform you don't own doesn't make you any more of a gamer than someone who has just one console.

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shutupandplay3764d ago

"We have other games in the pipeline, Kinect games, non-Kinect games, core and casual games, and other third-party titles,"

HELL YES. Everybody knows MS keeps a tight lid on their games, I`m not sure sure why people think it`s any different for next year.

Nitrowolf23764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

It's good to see that, i am hoping to see them revealed before E3. Cause if it's at E3 then most likely they will end up releasing in 2012. Note that these are just reveals. Like i said hopefully early in the year and see some sort of fall release.
I havn't gotten a 360 yet, idk still waiting for something not sure what it is. Might just buy it for Tales of V.

MariaHelFutura3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

It`s pretty easy to keep a tight lid on 2-3 internal studios. I`m just sayin.....Sony and Nintendo have over 20 each.

Strange_Evil3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

What was kept UNDER THE TIGHT LID that we saw this year?

Alan Wake... Announced ages ago
Halo Reach... Announced last E3 a full year and a half ago
Crackdown 2... E3 or before don't remember
Splinter Cell... Announced at E3.. Was supposed to be released in 2009 but got delayed...
Metro 2033... Announced before E3.

So everything that came out of the TIGHT LID was announced last E3 or before.. Not a single game announced this year that came out this year.. Don't think anything will change next year..

zeksta3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I'm pretty sure you need to keep a tight lid on your comments you Troll.

As for Microsoft, I believe they may announce a few games, but My bet is they will all be Kinect Titles, seeing as Microsoft are actually planning to make Kinect a known thing, but there maybe be a few game's announced such as Geow3.

Deathstroke3764d ago

shutupandplay says "Everybody knows MS keeps a tight lid on their games"

lol, what games?

fear883764d ago

Shhh. Let him keep his dream of MS announcing games he may never know about.

Its like believing in Santa, the more you don't see him the more you believe.

MrBeatdown3763d ago

All those examples you gave really back up your point.

Oh wait...

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Kran3764d ago

Wow. People are all over Microsoft like a pack of wolves.

Happens every microsoft article xD

Varodor3764d ago

just trying saying the truth

CaptainAmerica3764d ago

just trying speak English next time

SoSLy3763d ago

its "just try to speak English next time"

and youre suppose to be captainAMERICA...... =.="

CaptainAmerica3762d ago (Edited 3762d ago )

And you're suppose to understand a joke -_-