More Than 7,000 PS3 Gamers Sign Black Ops Refund Petition

RipTen: "It’s no secret that PS3 gamers are not satisfied with their version of Call of Duty: Black Ops. In fact, many of them are so upset that they’ve started a petition to be refunded for the game."


It's over 9000!!

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Black-Helghast3039d ago

7,001 cuz i just signed one of those. :)

CrzyFooL3039d ago

It's actually got close to 7,500 now.

Pixel_Enemy3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I just got a $50 gift card for game stop and I think I am going to save it for LBP2 rather than waste it on black oops. I am glad I didn't get this game at release, the next cod will have to be a revolution in the series to get my money.

HolyOrangeCows3039d ago

Well, I'm done with my copy. *Signs*

Spydiggity3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

i don't think you ppl should get a refund. why would you spend money on such a POS franchise in the first place? COD is the Twilight of gaming.

TheLastGuardian3039d ago

I signed it too. I still think the multiplayer is fun but I would gladly quit for my $80 back. What I'm most dissapointed in is the lame ass campaign. I don't think zombie co-op is nearly as fun as every said it was.

Black-Helghast3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

@TheLastGuardian I know, but for some people the multiplayer is just Unplayble. I have a good connection and i play ''Okay'' but what about my friends? When i'm trying to find a game with 3-6 ppl in my Party, only 2 make it. That's why most people say the multiplayer is not fun at all, and the Lag, the disconnections and last time i played black ops, my Ps3 froze 2 times in 1 day. Treyarch has 3 Options. #1 Give us the Upcoming Map Pack for free. #2 Give us out money back! (This is the one i want.) And #3 Fix the game and MAYBE i could forgive them. But even if i forgive them, i ain't spending another penny on an Activision game. :D

jadenkorri3039d ago

i signed the petition, but i dont expect a refund, nor all those 7000+ signers wont get one either. However if someone could prove this product was released with flaws. Im not sure if software could be recalled, like a car being recalled or something like that. Thats what they should be aiming at, cause that would then require a refund and would damage the company majorly. That in the end is what we want, the game sold millions and they reap the benefits for releasing crap, we already paid for the game, if we don't play it, why do they care, they got their money.

EeJLP-3039d ago

How about quit being bandwagon casual nerds and don't buy that garbage to begin with?

KingPin3038d ago

sign all you want. this is the orange box story all over again. that didnt get fixed and neither will this. activision will calim they working hard on the next C.O.D and have no time to fix this crap.

P.S - the patch they released was just to make you think you matter to them. if u really did, the game would be fixed a long time ago. heck, criterion games made whole exapansion packs <free dlc> for burnout paradise in the same amount of time.

I_find_it_funny3038d ago

Lmao I stopped playing Cod after Cod4

HappyGaming3038d ago

First of all instead of moaning like kids for falling for the Activision bullshit again just tell yourself you will never buy another game from them again that will hurt them more than anything else you will be able to achieve.

But I don't get what is wrong with you guys...
If you buy a game and you don't like it because it was poorly put together just don't buy another game from the same publisher/developers.

No one ever said that Multiplatforms are identical.
We all knew that Activision always screw over PS3 gamers in Cod games.

We have all played games that had exclusive content on just one console and games that were buggy as shit.

Lastly if the game was so horrible why do you still have the copy on you? Have you played it threw and now that your finished you just want your money back?
You should have traded it straight in at a local store the week it came out and you would have gotten back at list 85% of its value.

PS - and 7000,7500,10000?
How many of those are dublicates and how many of those people are just die hard haters of cod who hate on something they don't have to buy for the sake of spending their time doing something they think will help people because Activision is de evils?

smoothdude3038d ago

Ha, I never bought the game, but I signed the petition. Patching a game should be to provide extras, not to fix issues with the game. That is just plain lazy, and I will not buy any game from Activision unless I read the reviews first.

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Bloodraid3039d ago

And how much do you want to bet that next year when the next Call of Duty comes out every single one of these idiots who signed this is going to go and buy it?

Didn't everyone bitch and complain about Modern Warfare 2 sucking? When will people learn? Seriously...

SoSLy3039d ago

If your a fan of the series obviously you're going to be curious how the new game will turn out. Loved the series since cod 2 but I stopped at cod 4.

nnotdead3039d ago

like the Steam group against L4D2, and almost everyone in it ended up buying the game anyways.

Dee_913039d ago

more than likely im renting it

i returned mines almost immediately after i beat it
its not worth $60 at all .. both versions
i didnt have many troubles with online but i only played online like 5 times
but i did have troubles

jadenkorri3039d ago

i played 27 + days worth of MW2 and would of continued to do so if I hadn't been hacked and lost everything. I tried switching to Bops, but is far worse than MW2. Personally I haven't decided whether to pick up MW3. And MW is made by Infinity Ward not Treyarch, I will not put another cent towards Treyarch. Despite being hacked, which I am pissed about, I know its not IW fault, but you would think that the thousands of people it has happened to they would do something.

OpenGL3038d ago

@ nnotdead

Yeah, most of the people I knew that were in the group waited until L4D2 was less than $7 during the summer Steam sale.

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iPad3039d ago

Just stop playing the game. Bunch of idiots.

The_Claw3039d ago

Kotick just wiped his $%# with the petition. They got what they wanted, YOUR money.

tplarkin73039d ago

I would like to know the developer's perspective regarding the various versions.

CernaML3039d ago

I own the 360 version and still want to sign this.

Dsnyder3039d ago

Wow what a world we live in where people think they are entitled to compensation for thier stupidity. You chose to buy the game and now you will never be able to take that back. Try renting next time. Or better yet, dont by milked sequels.

Lyr1c3039d ago

And we all know, these petition signers will be first in line for the next installment of COD...that might be due for release 3 months from now.

lazysey3039d ago

its funny given the fact that the ps3 version has more people online daily compared to the xbox. of course, we're all busy playing those xbox "exclusives" instead of black ops.

DigitalAnalog3039d ago

But I still want a refund.

**Signs petition.

-End of Line

disturbing_flame3038d ago

Wow i definitly prefere playing battelfield bad company than call of joky.

FinalSpartan3038d ago

well next COD will come out and all those 7000 who signed will buy the next so whats the point?

BkaY3038d ago

lol..... COD MW2 was my last COD game and trade it by the time i was done with the lame ass campaign...

ive borrowed COD - BO from my mate... who said it has worst campaign and online... i havent tried online... but i agree with him about the campaign...


IaMs123038d ago

funny thing too is i just got it for Xmas today haha i hope they fix the multiplayer because it is quite bad with the lag

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Hitman07693039d ago

wooo!!! i'm drunk as a skunk and ripten has brought the funk, merry xmas to all don't be a punk or santa give u a lump of junk -- peace

on a serious note, call of duty has been decent for me on ps3, i don't know if i have dumb luck or what but i sincerely hope that acti and crew shape up for the millions of ppl experiencing issues out there that's just not cool , good luck to all and as a good friend of mine says god bless.

Boody-Bandit3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

I try not to get drunk anymore.
Hangovers suck more as you age but cheers and Merry Ho-Ho.

On topic: As usual these problems are over blown. I have a ton of people on my friends list playing Black Ops all the time. If it was as bad as some of these stories made it out to be they would have moved on to other games.

BeOneWithTheGun3039d ago

@Brutally...I hear that, brother. In my 20s I could put vodka away like it was water, eat a bunch of Taco Bell and sleep for 12 hours then wake up and go surfing.

Now, at 37, I went out last night after work, had two margaritas, that BBQ chicken wrap from Red Robin and was in bed at 10:30 and my head STILL hurts.

jadenkorri3039d ago

I have the resolution to your problems... your not drinking enough... keep at it and don't quit....haha anyways Merry Christmas to all.

CrzyFooL3039d ago

Activision won't give anyone their money back, if they do, I will eat my dog. Seriously - If Activision actually gives anyone a refund for Black Ops I will eat my dog.


TenSteps3039d ago

If they refund I'll join you

Yardie3039d ago

I completely agree. if Activision gives anybody their money back, i will also eat chinese food.

ChineseDemocracy3039d ago


I'm Chinese, and I find this extremely hilarious. Bubbles.

Keltik823039d ago

Yardie, that was just to funny man. bahaha!

vlad_3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Thats hilarious

Darth_Bane793038d ago

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! Caught me off guard on that one!! Very funny!!!

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MeanOldman3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

they wont refund money because people keep playing. when star trek armada II came out it was a broke hunk o crap. fans complained and complained to activision and they were ignored. they did a petition and it was ignored. then one dude contacted the federal trade commission and its consumer protection affairs office. he posted the link to the online complaint form and people started hammerin that crap. and they posted the link on the activision forums and made sure they knew. they tried to ban the dude that started it but that ban got mysteriously reversed. next thing you know activision is in full reverse swearing they would move mountains to fix the damn thing and they did. petitions dont mean squat includin 7000 measely sigs. get the ftc on their ass and see if it helps.


Neo Nugget3039d ago

Damn right. People need to break out the big guns.

I don't own BO, so I don't have an opinion on this matter. Sounds terrible though.

mastiffchild3039d ago

I've long advocated gamers having their OWN, non profit seeking or making site(so there's no need to worry about upsetting advertisers)that could support things andf movements like this. As it is a lot of gamers, like Acti, just refuse to take petitions seriously but a site geaared towards gamers rights with links to organisations like industry watchdogs in various nations etc might make a more untied front and stop the industry messing us around so badly.

Gamers have an, unfair imho, rep for being over entitled at heart but I can't imagine any other consumer group taking what we do while not doing anything concrete about it. RROD wouldn't be tolerated by car owners or TV buyers, would it? No other industry cries about second hand sales either-so to me it's the industry who have this sense of being special.

Naturally, something like I imagine would take some organising but I've come close a few times to trying to seriously put one together myself and only the lack of a seriously talented web designer stopped me last time(now I'm disabled I have nothing but time!!)I gotn wound up at something! Thing is, it could be filled with articles by gamers, art by gamers, reviews by gamers and being RUN totally by and for gamers could start to change attitudes about piracy and fanboyism(the two things we DO do wrong to some extent)which would gain us industry respect.

Maybe I'm just an old romantic but anyone who'd like to see something along these lines(ideas and talent more than welcome) feel free to PM me about it. With gamers coming from all walks of life it could become a real co-op support for a worldwide gaming community free to support gamers and poll up sites and the industry when we all feel a bit duped. Could also act as a bit of a springboard for the more talented content creators and gatherers among us too=-who knows I just think it's needed.

hougigo3038d ago

I'll join you too because i know they won't do it... specially with Kotick in there... he'll just be like ohh, we'll release a series of patches overtime that will fix the game.... and by the time the game is completely done.... the new COD is out.

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Sigmarue3039d ago

Yeah, way to take initiative but there's no way in he'll anyone is getting their money back. Fact.

NYC_Gamer3039d ago

they all signed that petition for nothing