Enslaved: Odyssey to the West only $20 at Amazon

For a limited time Amazon has Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for only $19.99! The game is available at that price for PS3 and Xbox 360. For those of you who have not played this game, it is equal parts action adventure game, and puzzle plat-former.

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fromasterjay3039d ago

I was on the fence about this game... is it any good?

jc485733039d ago

yes, it is. GET IT NOW!

Socrates3039d ago

Is it good? Heck yeah, it's one of the best games of the year. If you like games with a strong narrative and well developed characters, beautiful graphics, great platforming and an epic journey, you will like this game.

jc485733039d ago

# people who disagreed are either old Dante fans or Tales fans.

nnotdead3039d ago

the story and character development is the best of the year. the actual game mechanics are average or worse. i really enjoyed the game, but i was able to look past the gameplay flaws, and become engrossed in the story, characters, and world.

jc485733038d ago

I want to thank the people that agreed with me.

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IkaMusume3039d ago

If you like good voice acting but shallow gameplay, get it, ~geso!

If your main priority when playing a game is gameplay, AVOID THIS LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT KILLED MY SQUID COMADRES A DECADE AGO.

SeNiLesBack3039d ago

Is the gameplay real that bad?

IkaMusume3039d ago

It's not BAD, Xbox3SP, it's only that it is completly shallow, repetitive, with an impressive lack of challenge, and just boring, ~geso.

Croash3039d ago

I completely agree with IkaMusume, but the game as a whole is a very satisfying experience.

Socrates3039d ago

I kind of know where you are coming from, but I think you are exaggerating. Yes, the gameplay can sometimes feel a little repetitive. But if you like games for their atmosphere, characters, and narrative you will love this game. The gameplay isn't as deep as some games, but it is far from being bad.

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SIX3039d ago

I was on the fence as well for a long time and bought it about two weeks ago (PS3 version). The game is interesting and very well designed but the frame rate totally kills it for me. From what I hear the 360 version runs a little cleaner, so I would say if you are getting it for that system it's a pretty good deal.

Socrates3039d ago

I played both demos and the 360 version is much better. It has a much more solid frame rate and doesn't tear the way the ps3 version does.

nnotdead3039d ago

yes the frame rate drops where annoying on the PS3 version, but they rarely accord during important game play moments.

Orionsangel3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

It's very good. If you like games like Tomb Raider, Prince of Persia. Those exploration games where you jump, climb and swing in a huge beautiful environment. You'll love it! The controls are tight. The biggest bonus though is the amazing acting between the two main characters. The way they interact with each other. Their facial expressions. You believe it and that makes you care.

When it was $60 to $40 dollars. I was telling everyone to wait till it lowers in price. Now for 20 bucks it's a must buy!

Elimin83039d ago

tha game is garbage....

Orionsangel3039d ago

Either you haven't played it and you're being ignorant. It's not your type of game or you played it and sucked at it. Either way I like and I'm having fun. So Merry Christmas Garbage Man!

Elimin83039d ago

I plat the fucking game.. I just think it is overhyped... I plat it since I already wasted the money on it then traded it "and I H8 trading my games"... P.S I don't comment on threads unless I have experienced or have knowledge on whatever the topic/Thread is about.

My 2Cents...

smashman983039d ago

ah ok so if this game that sold only a meager 800,000 copies is overhyped what does that make every other game

gypsygib3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

It's great for a quick playthrough in a couple of days. You cant go wrong at that price, I paid $8 to rent it but at $20 if u dont want to keep it I'm sure youll get at least 10 trade so no matter what it won't cost more than a rental.

IMO it has ZERO replay, the combat is kinda of lame and the platforming is on autopilot.

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Serjikal_Strike3039d ago

kinda hard to pass up at 20 bucks!

fromasterjay3039d ago

That's what I'm thinking!!

Redlogic3039d ago

Do it, I got it when it was $25 and its excellent.

cfountain3039d ago

i bought it. i couldnt pass at the chance to get it for 20(almost 25 with shipping.)

xXxSeTTriPxXx3039d ago

the gameplay is to holds your hand for EVERYTHING.
a good comparison would be Prince of Persia (the celshaded one).
if you hated that one you'll hate gets boring real fast with no challenge what so ever and repetitive gameplay.

but if story and character development is > then gameplay to you, then its worth the price.

nnotdead3039d ago

i agree with you, but i wouldn't call the game repetitive. i thought it did a pretty good job of slowly bring in new enemy types, and changing up each level layout to stay fresh.

also there are a few areas that had a bit of a challenge. at least if your first play through is on hard. of course most of the challenge was more from the poor game mechanics, but lets keep that on the down low.

kreate3039d ago

they make it sound like its such a good deal.

do gamers even care about this game?
(excluding the few fanboys)

i stopped playing after chapter 2.

Elimin83039d ago

Careful what you say about this "GREAT" game... I do agree with you but I did complete it.

nnotdead3039d ago

so now enjoying a game makes people fanboys? i think its about time to retire the word. fanboy is used so often it has obviously lost all meaning.

gypsygib3039d ago

Gamers obviously don't care because its sales were crap but the game definitely isn't. The problem is it was never worth 60 bucks but it was great for a single playthrough.

The story was above average, gameplay not bad, and the game was super short, he should have just passed it if he already had it.

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