The 7 best Xbox 360 exclusives of 2011

These are the Xbox 360 console exclusives we're particularly looking out for in 2011.

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PirateThom3037d ago (Edited 3037d ago )

Child of Eden is also on PS3, so that's it down to 6. XCOM is on PC, so that's 5.

Gears of War, Forza, unconfirmed for 2011 Kingdoms and Kinect.

Same as the rest of these lists.

Strange_Evil3037d ago

I don't even think XCOM deservers to be mentioned in the list of AAA games. The game looks bland TBH. The graphics look outdated and the enemy.. Well it's Black Goo...

Just watch the gameplay video.. The game looks like a PS2 game TBH.

The only exclusive I am buying on my 360 is Gears 3... Rest a few multi-plats (maybe Crysis and Rage)... Everything else is on the PS3 for me.

Dark_Charizard3037d ago

Xbox 360 -
1. Gears of War III
2. Star Wars Kinect
3. XCom
4. Kingdoms
5. Codename D

But on PS3 I'm looking forward to more than DOUBLE the games.

PS3 -
1. Killzone 3
2. Resistance 3
3. The Last Guardian
4. Motorstorm Apocalypse
5. Infamous 2
6. LittleBigPlanet 2
7. Twisted Metal
8. Yakuza 4
9. MLB 11: The Show
11.Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Rush3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

OMFG can we stop this retarded concept of something being exclusive actually mattering?

ITS ONLY MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What does it matter if the media is on 5,000 platforms if it's enjoyable it's enjoyably. Why is a console game also being available on the PC make it somehow inferior?

There's a bigger list of PS3 exclusives congratulations whop de fucking do, are you happy your party of an exclusive club that can only enjoy X media why others cant? does it make you feel good inside knowing you can play x game why others can't?

If any of the above applies to yourself I request you do the world a favor and find the nearest bridge or building top.

This is an article about 360 exclusives, why the fuck are you even listing PS3 games in here anyway dumbfucks.


You left XCOM of your list, O wait it's on the PC so it's not exclusive, So is Agent you dumbfuck yet you listed that as a PS3 exclusive double standards anyone?

Love how you got loads of agrees shows the mentality of N4G perfectly.

Dark_Charizard3036d ago

Agent is on PC you say... source? link?

Blacktric3036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

He confused it with The Agency I guess. I agree with him in some parts though. People seem to act very harsh on 360's 2011 lineup. I admit even I was pissed at what Xbox Manager said yesterday (2011 being all about Kinect), but still there are great games coming and exclusive lineup in 2011 shouldn't matter THAT much if you love the console or a feature of it (controller, Live service, old exclusive games you've yet to play, etc.). Just have some damn fun instead of trying to show off how many exclusives your console of choice gonna get in next year, or how your online service has a feature that other one doesn't. We are gamers, not businessmen who's got a share of stocks from Sony or Microsoft.

rockleex3036d ago


Calm down. No need to be in a rush man. I'm sure Microsoft lied when they said its all about Kinect in 2011.

Don't worry! They'll show off all the hidden exclusives at E3 like always! :D

Just like, this year... oh wait. No, maybe it was last year. Hmm...

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ilikestuff3036d ago

they have 7? wow did they just announce 6? im kidding, id like to play some gears of war and what not

doa7663036d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

one thing is when they argue incorrectly that 360/PC games like XCOM are not multiplatform games even when they can be played on two platforms

but Child of Eden will be released on PS3, here's the IGN'preview:

these 360 damage control articles are really getting deperate and embarrising

jjohan353036d ago

I own a 360 along with my PS3 and Wii, but there are only two games on this list (Forza 4 and Gears 3) that I actually want. Even then I'm getting tired of Forza's rehash again and again. I hope it offers more realistic driving. After racing on GT5 with my wheel, Forza 3 seems a bit arcade-y.

jdrman20073036d ago

That's some nice trolling there. It's rare to actually see some decent trolling on N4G.

EVILDEAD3603036d ago

LMAO @ this being a fun 2011..Prediction

The usual sites repeating the same article and the usual suspects repeating the same thing over and's ONLY December..wait till next year and I'll say 30 articles by E3..

Then E3 will roll around and it'll all be forgotten. None of the fan blogger sites will remember bashing the 360 and none of the usual suspects will remember whining (with a capital 'T') about a console they don't own.

At the end of the day, E3 is all that matters

The PS3 line-up definately looks good, but the biggest games for the system come out post-E3.

Uncharted 3 and (crosses all fingers) Last Guardian won't be till next holiday.

Even games like Resistance 3 won't arrive till the fall.

We saw what the 360 pulled off post June 2010, it's clear WHEN announcements matter and it's clearer WHO wants to perpetrate that there is NOTHING to play on the 360 until then.

Alan Wake and Gran Turismo 5 are examples of games that were on lists for so long, that when they released it was almost anti-climatic.

As a multi-console gamer

Xbox Live & Achievements are why I will always buy Multi-plats for the 360 (although I'm really tempted to buy a PS3 Dead Space for Extraction)

My PS3 Slim are for PS3 exclusives and NONE are more anticipated for me than the SOTC HD remake. (heaven)

But these internet haters are on crack if they believe Gears 3 isn't a monster exclusive in ANY year..

Forza 3 is STILL amazing post-GT5 (which I plan on spending a few marathon sessions on this holiday)

With that said, Forza 4 might be the game that pushes the series into new heights.

I own and love Kinect..

I can't wait to play Child of Eden. It was never an exclusive, but I have wanted this game since the day Ubisoft showed it on stage at E3 playing with Kinect.

Speaking of Kinect..the verdict is out..but as a fan of the original 100-button Steel Batallion and Panzer Dragoon..

Steel Batallion and Project Draco are at the top of my Kinect list

I also love the fact that the Japanese are going to delve into Survival horror for Kinect as well.

All the console silliness will continue on this site from the same crew..but as a gamer.I can't wait for the stellar multi-plats dropping

Elder Scrolls V
Mass Effect 3
Deus Ex
Ghost Recon
Batman: Arkham City

etc etc..

Wow it's great to be a gamer..

Merry X-mas to the gamers who stay above the silliness day in and out and actually support gaming year in and out


Bluemaster773036d ago

Real ish dude thats exactley how I feel. Majority of the peoples minds are warped on this site full of sony propaganda and I always sit and think for what why are they so avid about hating microsoft it just never clicks

insomnium23036d ago


I guess you were not here 5 years ago to see where this BS consolewars started.

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NYC_Gamer3037d ago

they might as well just say kinect exclusives

SnakeMustDie3037d ago

Stop it with the Top 10 lists already. How many are we going to see something similar everyday?

MGRogue20173037d ago (Edited 3036d ago )

@ Xbox360Fighter

Fasten your helmet dude.. twist then pull... a little tighter, okay your good to go, don't forget your damn shield like you did last time & remember to take cover, you are not rambo!

@ PS3Fighter

... come here man.. let me see that.. Your blade needs sharpening, visit the blacksmith.. and then come back & see me.. Hold on, don't go yet.. what's tha... Dude, your armor will fall off out there you moron!! wtf you thinking? Fasten the strap, ffs, Also remember to fasten your boot laces this time.. double crossed..

@ All Fighters

*holds arms out*

Let the battle commence !! :O

insomnium23036d ago

That is so yawn I can't believe you just said that.

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