The Best Holiday Deals on Xbox LIVE Marketplace

From the feature article:

"We’d like to wish you guys a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Now, while the majority of new games has already come out (with the next one, Dead Space 2, not slated to arrive until January 25), there’s still plenty of great holiday deals to pick up on – and most of them are available through the Xbox LIVE Marketplace! So, with that, we’ve decided to present a mini guide to some of the best deals available during the Christmas season, and why you should pick up on them right away. Let’s head to the virtual Marketplace and see what deals we can find on this eve before Christmas 2010!"

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UltimaEnder3626d ago

Gives me something to use those XBL point cards from stocking on, nice!

mizzoucrou3626d ago

Whoever wrote this article is a genius!!!

LaurenKB1233626d ago

I'll take Castle Crasher asap...

KotC3626d ago

Good deals. Who is the phantom disagree guy? Show yourself.

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