Deus Xmas

Kotaku: The video game Deus Ex is wishing us a happy holiday. Though I believe it's more of a Merry Christmas message here. It's the hat that gives it away.

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digitalivan3044d ago

Can't wait for Deus Ex, i loved the original.

Off topic: nice site upgrade, but sadly the low resolution topic pictures really come in focus.

jbiz3203044d ago

I have a sneaking suspicion they are going to do this remake right.. Cant f'n wait.

showtimefolks3044d ago

but hopefully this delay really means they are working on the game and not to just have a better window like from Q1 to Q4 lol

i think its such a huge game with so much content that they indeed need more time can't Waite hopefully still in 20111 like summer of 2011 would be nice since summer is usually dry with good game