FTG Review: Back to the Future Episode 1: It’s About Time

"First of all, I need to extend some thanks to Telltale Games. Not only did they give me a review copy of Puzzle Agent and Sam & Max: The Devil’s Playhouse (all five episodes!), but they were kind enough to also send me a code for their recently released Back to the Future Episode 1 – It’s About Time. I sat down earlier today and bulldozed my way through the game – not because I needed to review it, but because I couldn’t stop myself from playing."- ChaingunPope

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maxcavsm3041d ago

I wonder how this is for the PS3...easy trophies?

AEtherbane3041d ago

this game is getting impressive scores! Well deserved for a just as impressive film.

cakeisalie3041d ago

yep love to pick it up but gonna wait until its dirt cheap on Steam or D2D.

Iamback3041d ago

im am playing it and enjoying it so far

AmigoSniped3041d ago

How do you feel the controls will be on the PS3 version?

Thecraft19893041d ago

There like SAM and max work very well. and if its like most games it will have keyboard and mouse support on the ps3.

Infernostew3041d ago

PC and Mac launched first. iPad and PS3 probably will be released in Jan. or Feb.