Double Fine Q&A: Playing with dolls in Stacking

Demian Linn writes: You control Charlie Blackmore, the littlest doll in a world of dolls. Which is actually a big advantage, because as a smaller doll you can “stack” into larger ones, assuming their forms and using their special abilities.

Like the gift of flatulence, for example. Tim Schafer and Project Lead Lee Petty are demoing the game for me, and Schafer's driving -- he's stacked into a large, unkempt man of a doll and unleashes a foul wind near an air vent, which then clears out the exclusive party in the adjacent ballroom, completing one of the game's many Challenges. Petty describes them as like old-school adventure game puzzles, but dolls are the puzzle pieces, and each (replayable) Challenge has three or more solutions.

As Shafer doll-hops and Petty narrates, I lob a few questions.

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choadley3040d ago

Extremely original idea for a game. Sounds great.

acronkyoung3040d ago

Super excited for this game after the wonderful Costume Quest.