Farewell, Canal House

PSB: We knew the writing was on the wall when our power needs became so demanding that our neighbors started to experience brownouts. Adding an electrical transformer allowed us to at least finish Killzone 3 without bringing down the whole block, but the rising number of employees and the start of a new IP meant it was only going to be a temporary reprieve. (And we’re still hiring, by the way. You can check out for a full overview of available positions.)

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theonlylolking3042d ago

Killzone RTS I hope. We need some RTS exclusives on PS3.

Kain813042d ago

would this be count as a new IP??

Raendom3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )


We need a true IP. A horror game with the KZ engine = OMGWTFAHH!!!

theonlylolking3042d ago

No it wont be a new ip but it would be new enough :)

Commander_TK3042d ago

This is old news. They said it several months ago.

Vaud-Villian3042d ago

Fingers crossed on this one. They are very good developers and I think the Killzone IP is really whats holding them back from greatness. Its such a bland world and generic foe, they need to utilize their skills on something.. more dynamic and unique.

Chubear3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

I was hoping for something like this soon.

What I've always hoped GG would do is make a TPS strategy horror adventure game with RPG elements & Team Strategy as the focal point a la THE THING.

Remember The Thing from last gen? That game did some very remarkable things with friend AI and the gameplay from there would fit so perfectly to show off what the cell could do with friend & enemy AI.

If you haven't, go find and play The Thing on any last gen console. Unbelievable how that gameplay hasn't been expanded upon this gen by any company.

BBCnewsrocks3041d ago

I'd have to disagree with you on that one. While the stories in the games haven't been that great, Killzone actually has a great universe if you read up on KZ history it's really quite cool. A Killzone space-opera RPG would be so awesome.

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ksense3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

lol don't think we need to go the halo way. from the looks of it killzone 3 looks to be the best installment with almost every option imaginable like co-op, move, 3d etc....

I am hoping they start a whole new ip and give killzone a rest for now.

Guys look at the job listings. they r looking for people for a new ip it seems like. can't seem to figure out the details of the new ip from the listings

@balt below

god dude don't be so obvious

morganfell3042d ago

Agreed king. Killzone RTS with Move support.

Vherostar3042d ago

Well Killzone 3 is probably finished now and they are putting final touches to it so the main part of the staff won't be doing anything except for maybe starting work on there next game. It's what happens you finish one then start another and we won't hear about the other till probably late next year.

specialguest3042d ago

A new IP with dinosaurs in it.

Exquisik3042d ago

Like Dino Crisis and the original Turok?! *drool*

RevXM3041d ago

FPS survival game that took place in Jurassic Park like Envirements and that was actually realistic and scary would be Awesome.

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FudgeBear3042d ago

For the guy who reported this as "wrong story type", they actually indirectly announce that they are working on a new IP. This is no rumor. This is news.

@ The_Only_Lol_King

Oh, please, no. You see what happened to Halo when they did that. I want a brand new game, and not a FPS or a RTS. :D

Kitchen_Sink3042d ago


Balt 3042d ago (Edited 3042d ago )

They need to. Sony needs them to, actually. Killzone has proven to be unprofitible in the grand scheme of things. However good it does or doesn't look is one thing, the real heart of the matter is how well it performs, not on your tv sets, but at retailers.

It's just not a mega blockbuster. You'd expect a game with this much financial backing to gap the 5 million mark but it can't. It could never do those numbers. Not even if the PS3 had a 100 million install base.

I'm not saying it's a bad game -- I own KZ2. I'm just saying it's time to cut the cord. And this isn't the only franchise Sony needs to give a rest to, either.

God of War

All of these franchises, and more, need to retire for awhile. We're getting 3's of Resistance, Uncharted and Killzone already. That's scary sad.

acky13042d ago

Sony keep it fresher than anybody else in gaming so you can't really complain. Just look over your shoulder toward Microsoft and Nintendo and you'll see what I mean.
Sony 'til I die

UNCyrus3042d ago

How is that sad? I play all of the games on the list you have there.

You know what's sad? Your spelling of "Grantourismo"

Terarmzar3042d ago

Dude just shut up
If your trying to say those titles u listed above need to be cut then there is a lot of other games out there that need to be so called retired like ohhh i dont know Call of duty!

ksense3042d ago

if we go by what this guy says then the only games people will ever get is halo, cod and gran turismo...

remanutd553042d ago

on the other hand we have gotten Resistance , Motorstorm , inFAMOUS , Uncharted , Little Big Planet , MAG , White Knight Chronicles , Heavy Rain , Folklore , Heavenly Sword , ModNation Racers and more new IPs this generation so its been a good mix between old time and new franchises , not bad at all but i do agree they can still do much much better , they have the in house power to create more new awesome IPs while maintaining old time favorites , lets see what Guerrilla Games can create outside the Killzone World , i'd love to see Sony Santa Monica creating a new IP this generation too and Balt get your comments right , when a game is not profitable sequels dont come just ask Ninja Theory ,Game Republic and Sega about not being any Folklore , Heavenly Sword and Valkyria Chronicles sequels on the playstation 3

Balt 3042d ago

Folklore was actually good, though. It deserved a sequel. Resistance and many others do not. Hell, I'd rather see a Bionic Commando and Conan sequel before a Kz, Resistance, God of War, Infamous and countless other follow up.

Truth is the truth -- The market is over run with the same ol' same. All these games have countless knock off's and iterations and trying to weed through them all is something consumers aren't willing to do and they've spoken with their wallets when it comes to the matter.

That is why the sales of all the above games are so low in comparison to the install base. And, for the record, I hate COD and Gears of war and Halo games. I don't play any of them.

remanutd553042d ago

sales could be low but still good enough for them to create a new sequel , hey Sony has created a lot of franchises this generation , i think if im not mistaken more so than previous 2, but i really dont want that to stop , i still want to play Resistance 3 but keep the New IPs rolling , like The Last Guardian , Sorcery , Journey and bring back production on Eight Days , The Getaway !!!!!

Heavy_Rain3042d ago

First of all learn to spell games properly. Lol all those franchises you mentioned have sold really well what are you smoking? GOW3 sold over 3.5 million. Want to know what its competitors like Bayonetta , DMC , Dante's Inferno have sold? not even half of that. Resistance 1 nearly sold 4 million. UC2 has sold over 4 million. GT5 has sold ( no not shipped Sony has clearly stated its sold ) 5.5 million in 12 days. GT5 is outselling ps3 version of black ops in UK which I never thought was even remotely possible. So please back up your claims instead of just spouting nonsense.
As far as KZ goes I hope they get amazing sales. Even 4 million would be good enough to keep the franchise going. I really love GG and I absolutely adore the KZ universe so hope they continue making KZ games. At least alternatively. 1 new IP followed by KZ. KZ3 is looking freakin bad ass.

Ame_No_Shiryuu3042d ago

well.., actually after i read your comment.., i realize..,i think everything need to give it a rest.., including us..., find some other natural entertainment.., go hiking, get some fresh air outside.., go get some spring fresh water.., electronics already kill a lot of our cell...

ngecenk3042d ago

its not how old that matter, but how much game milked from it. GT is racing games so it doesnt count. GoW got 3 game on consoles, 2 on portable. resistance got 2 games and 1 portable. so does kz. compared to mario or zelda, those are brand new.

they should start a brand new ip for new console imo.

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SnakeMustDie3042d ago

I want GG to make an RPG similar to Demon Souls with the Killzone Engine. It will be mindblowing.

dinkeldinkse3042d ago

Would be awesome if it happen

jjohan353042d ago

I hope the demon souls-like game would have multiplayer elements similar to Diablo. They need a Diablo-like game on consoles but keep the refreshing take that Demon Souls had.

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