Is videogaming a sport?

Videogaming isn't just a bit of fun, you know - it's a proper sport, just like tennis and football and everything, and you could make yourself a proper career out of it.

That's according to the founders of the UK Electronic Gaming Initiative, anyway. They reckon that "competitive videogaming is not only a lifestyle but also a career choice", according to an official statement, "and one that should be welcomed and accepted".

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specialguest5381d ago

video game is not a sport like tennis and football. if anyone consider it a sport, then they might as well consider a game of chest a sport.

MoonDust5381d ago

You can make anything into a sport, in fact anything that's competitive is a sport. Last time i checked video games are competitive.

specialguest5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

technically, the definition of a sport is engaging in some form of physical competition. you have to draw the line somewhere and if you want to consider video game a sport, then i guess you would officially consider tic tac toe a sport too huh? hahahahhah quit being silly!

also, knowing what the technical defintion of the word sport is, is not a common knowledge, because lots of people generally think a sport is your typical, basketball, football, etc. it's an acquired knowledge, not common knowledge.

mrniceguy39195381d ago

I enjoy video games but you you have to draw the line some, like specialguest mentioned. a video game is not a sport.

dikturbo5381d ago (Edited 5381d ago )

What a pathetic rationale to justify sitting on the frickin couch and decaying from a vitamin D deficiency (go outside basement dwellers). The argument of competition is valid but seems to be used by those who want to validate their complete lack of physical ability. It's entertainment.
Next thing you know the Academy Awards will be a 'sport' because they too compete against one another for a 'prize'. Brutal.