Killzone 3′s Visual Evolution Is Phenomenal: A Screenshot Comparison

GB: "It’s been over six months since Killzone 3 was revealed to the gaming world. A lot has happened in between and one of the things that I am glad to report is the fact that Killzone 3 looks amazing now, even better than Killzone 2. In order to prove this we have compared screens released in June to the ones that were released now, in December. The differences are astonishing. Check it out above."

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cyborg3038d ago

going to be the best looking PS3 game we have seen yet but not for long since UC3 is releasing the same year

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chidori6663038d ago

omg I am proud to be a PS3 owner ;)

NateCole3038d ago

Between U2 and KZ2 i still maintain KZ2 looks better visually.

It's just my preference art style wise.

I like the realistic real war gritty look in KZ2. To me it really looks like realistic CG.

This is not a knock on U2 but art style wise the colours look cartoonish CG. You can easily tell its a game. KZ2 on the other hand at certain points makes you take a double take if its real sci fi war movie grounded in reality or a game.

Kleptic3038d ago

yeah the only thing to be compared is the art style really...ND used hand painted texturing, giving it that graphic novel like overall appearance and style...While killzone 2 used a much more traditional photo-realistic approach, but with massive amounts of filtering and post-processing effects to create a more realistic yet cinematic style...

on a tech level...They both succeed beyond anything else on consoles, save maybe GOW III...but its impossible to say one was 'better' than the other overall...its just whatever you prefer art wise...

Sevir043038d ago

Can only Be experienced on an "outdated hardware" if you listen to PC fanboys on N4G!!! and i'm happy about that, because these PC elitist Spend thousands of dollars to run a game that can even run it self without taking great consessions to run the game on means for being stable!

And it's costing Owners of the PS3, any where between 600 - 300 bucks depending on the time you purchased the system.

Goes to show, What system is more capable of showing prowess in graphics. PC games like Crysis may look amazing and even metro but even in those same lines Games like GT5 KZ2 Uncharted and GOW3 are being dragged into comparisons and being nomiated for best graphics while PC games are getting no love what so ever!

Gamer1123038d ago

I remember ppl saying the same thing about killzone2.

gameraxis3038d ago

Just goes to show ya that "gray" tone, was a preference for GG not a limitation... even tho i disagree with those who said it was like gears gray, then orange.. in fact, all of the games had nice variation of colors, but just went to a grimmer saturation to compliment the mood... but anyways... here's to all those knocking "grey" games, thinking its a technical issue and not even considering the skill of the dev team, OR the hardware

JohnnyHalo3032d ago

LMFAO! I bet you put so much effort in writing that. Sorry kid but no matter how much you ramble about your favorite game the reviews speak for themselves.

gameraxis3031d ago

lets see around 50 words a min, maybe a little less... you do the math, I'm talking about gears too fool... as in I like both their color tones saying it compliments the mood. On top of that your TOTALLY contradicting yourself. Based on lets see... BOTH games I mentioned got a metacritic of 9 or higher, then on top of that you totally misunderstood what i was even typing JUST to take what you thought to be an opposing side to killzone which there's isn't a pro side on my end except for GAMES in general. Did you even graduate grammar school yet? Because your reading comprehension and reasoning skills are well below UNDER developed.

JohnnyHalo3038d ago


That's what they said about GT5..........

BubloZX3038d ago

I remember them saying that GT5 was gonna be the most realistic racing sim. Not best looking game

gameraxis3033d ago (Edited 3033d ago )

What of gt5? Do me a favor go into arcade mode turn damage and difficulty all the way up and tell me when you smash your right front tire u veer to the right constantly, and the type of control varies depending on a front wheel or four wheel drive car. (or awd like bmw and wrx's...) That's just a little example because i could go into crazy detail all about poly bending rather than texture swapping, REAL lighting that shadows each obstacle in between the sun and your car, and control tweaks that make it play the way you want. All without a hitch in the frame rate, as a matter of fact, it runs SO silky smooth. The only problems I've seen are a little judder in the windshield wipers, and the funky jagged shadowing that's left after the patch, which i guarantee will be gone soon (new forza coming cough cough) But that's what you have to deal with when your running dynamic lighting with probably 100 lights on the track and car, sometimes they overlap and cause that funky looking shadowing like in k2 on the beach level (on the gun) but that didn't last long did it? I'm not a huge racing fan, I'll do two or three a year (1 arcade like motorstorm 2, or burnout and a sim, this is the first gt5 game i really got into and its better than every other game I've rented or bought... not as high octane as shift, but none the less better with options, content, realism, gameplay and graphics.
So I ask again what about gt5? I really want to hear the complaints of a spoiled kid that started playing games on the 360 or xbox 1 to chime in here... Instead of appreciating what X game on the 360 or Y game on the ps3 is accomplishing, choose the path or a jaded soul who is never satisfied, like a baby without its pacifier. You want to complain about X,Y or Z game? Take it to the ones that cost 60 dollars like tony hawk, tomb raider (not guardian of light), or Legendary. Focus all your attention on the developers that arn't delivering, and leave the fanboy, along with the EPICS, and Cryreks and GG's and ND's and Bungies and IW's and Treyarch's and PD's of the world alone. Because sure, all the games those companies produce may not be perfect, but managed to blow 90 percent of their intended audience out of the water, reached new bounds in where they wanted to go with the game, and satisfied the gamer. Gt5 lived up to my expectations, AND a lot more, where as those other devs get to advertise a cinematic cg trailer, get the suckers to buy it just to make the company a couple mill off the suckiest game out there, giving them the impression that we're all stupid and allowing them to do it again and again and again. I hate this fanboy war shit, there should be a sike eval to gain access to this sight that somehow determines whether u respect others opinions and realize they may be different than yours, but none the less you respect them. I'm sorry if GT5 didn't come through for many of you guys, but all the people on my friends list put ALL their games away and have been keeping that game in their tray for a LONG time now...and i can't wait to get it, once the cod and ssf4 in my is all washed up. Played 2 hours of it in career after borrowing it, then some arcade races to see what it was truly like. Along with gttv, and ALL those other gems... and i can't WAIT until i'm sick of everything i have at the moment and buy GT5. Because I'm gonna need total dedication to get the most out of it. thank you (is that paragraph style good enough? To the person who commented on my last wall of text) because this sight doesn't let u form 5 space indents and the like. So if a lot of words confuse you, skip on down people. or report me as spam

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Karooo3038d ago

Damn sev looks amazing, crysis 2 will have met its match on consoles.

Ratchet5103038d ago

crysis is on all consoles so the power of the pc is shared with the other consoles. thats why exclusives look better. for example U3, MGS4, KZ3, R3, Ratchet and Clank ALL4ONE, list keeps going on.

Dark_king3038d ago

first crysis 2 pc version will not be hampered by the console version.In fact it made them design the game to be more scalable.Meaning now lower end machines can play and handle it,yet monster rigs won't max it out.While on console I don't think it will be considered for any graphics crowns because of the devs.They are great pc devs but well their not very efficient and efficiency is more important on console then pc.

Ju3038d ago

Crysis 2 has yet to match anything on consoles. So far its not up there.

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DoomeDx3038d ago

I dont see a diffrense? Or is that just me?
How can you compare a screenshot when they both have diffrent lightning + Factial expression?

They both look pretty freaking amazing to me.

gameseveryday3038d ago

If anyone wants to know how Killzone 3 has evolved in the last 7 months, they should check out this :

The buttons on that grenade launcher look so much cleaner now. Man, Guerilla games are really putting it all together. Mayhem awaits Feb 2011!

UCMEandICU3038d ago

PS3! PS3! PS3!

Year after year we continually see things on the PS3 that drop our jaws. Beast! That's all I can say.

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