IGN:Manhunt 2 Wii Update

Rockstar demoed two levels from the latest version of Manhunt 2 - one IGN had seen before and another completely new. The first stage, titled Sexual Deviants, follows main character Danny and his only ally Leo as they make their way through The Project, which can best be described as a conglomerate of freakish thugs and run-down top-secret facilities. Somehow, the duo has gotten itself imprisoned within the compound and must escape, but to do that Danny will need to get his hands bloody… very bloody, actually.

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Farsendor14057d ago

love to play action games and a lot of other type of games but whatever this is im just not interested in it.

and in my opinion this game just seems too violent. like kinda violent games but they took this to the next level. ill pass on this one.