Sony, Please Don’t Charge Monthly for DC Universe Online

Much like Lex Luthor warning Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman of a dystopian parallel universe (intro trailer for DC Universe Online, by the way), I too, have seen the future.

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Wizziokid3039d ago

there's nothing wrong with charging for an mmo if they get the frequent updates and content packs, but I think PSN+ members should get a discount ;)

sinncross3039d ago

In fact there is nothing Sony can do.

The author is under the impression that Sony Playstation and Sony Online Entertainment are somehow related (beyond their parent company). The truth is that they are not.

So his points relating to the cost opposite Xbox Live and trying to get themselves (sony) a system seller like GT5 is somewhat null.

SOE are going to charge because thats how the feel they deserved to be paid for their efforts. If the PS division had some say I believe they would have cut the cost quite a bit and why not: it does have the potential to be very good.

But like I said, as far as gaming is concerned PS and SOE are not related.. in fact, SOE are not even obligated to make games for the PS consoles (hence their extensive PC gaming list), though I reckon they wont make games for other consoles nevertheless.

But yeah, if there was no monthly price I'm sure many gamers would be happy, but it happens with top tier MMO's.

NewMonday3039d ago

I played the PS3 beta today from psn+, my hero combination was a flying sorcerer wielding a bow and arrow.

The game is addictive, in one session I made it to level 4, there are many upgrades, and heat vision is at level 10.

maxcavsm3039d ago

You know, come to think of it, I think you're right Sinn. SOE and Sony are seperate. Whoopsie. Oh, well, thanks for catching that Sinncross.

PirateThom3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

Actually, SOE and SCE aren't separate. As of March 13, 2008 SOE are directly under SCE as a developer, rather than a standalone entity. So, yeah, the decision does fall under SCE and SCE obviously feel, like every other MMO, it warrants a subscription fee.

DoucheVader3039d ago

I can tell you SOE and SCE are not fully integrated. I couldn't sign on to SOE's site with my PSN credentials.

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Bnet3433039d ago

I can see PSN+ members getting a discount or something like that, but I doubt Sony or anyone else, would waive off a monthly fee for an MMO.

Focker4203039d ago

I personally would get it day one and get a 1 year subscription immediately if it was $5 a month. And I'm sure thousands more feel the same. $15 is really steep just for one game and especially when it doesn't even have an established userbase.

Plus $200 for a lifetime subscription?? Are you out of your minds?? I would get it if it was $120, but $200 is alot. I could buy a whole new game console for that price. It is unfortunate that its so pricey because after the beta I was really looking forward to it. But I guess it is what it is. I'll probably buy it for the free first month, but after that I'll pass.

DoucheVader3039d ago

$15 is standard for MMOs.

Soldierone3039d ago

Discount....PS Plus member should get to play for free. If that happened then hell yeah id become a Plus member as something is finally making it worth the price.

Otherwise I stick by my plan of not paying to play games. Its stupid and their plans are overpriced and useless. I expect to see a price drop within two or three months, and if that dont work then it will become free to play. Just like other big MMO's. APB saw a price drop, Global Agenda became free.

DC Universe doesn't have enough hype or anything to compete in the MMO world, so that better change. Otherwise hello Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

christheredhead3039d ago

a lot of console owners are upset or missing the point when it comes to dc universe. there is a fee cause its an mmo. console only owners are having a harder time comprehending having to pay every month or just rather spend money else where. it would be cool if ps+ users got a discount but it probably wont happen. we'll probably get 1 free month or 1 half priced month.

dorron3039d ago

Lots of other games have online features and we don't pay to play online or to support the server machines.

I don't care if I play with 16 or 16 billion people. I don't want to pay for online play when I already pay for the game and that's it.

nycredude3039d ago (Edited 3039d ago )

You seem to not have a pc and never played an mmo before.

Anyone else try downloading this? It was taking me hours just update game assets so I just stopped.

christheredhead3039d ago

its an extremely massive download. the game assets download is 15 gigs. i had to leave my ps3 on for like 3 or 4 nights cause my dl speed is so slow. so yah it'll get there eventually, it might just take a while.

Focker4203039d ago

Took me 9 hours, the download is massive..

Soldierone3039d ago

No, he simply doesn't want to pay to play. enough said.

DoucheVader3039d ago

@Soldier one

Wahh! Than don't pay to play. Just don't play.

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Raoh3039d ago

lol i'd rather a subscription base than a micro transaction system where you have to grind to get a weapon or pay for it, which means you will have a bunch of newbs who didnt bother to learn their role in a party because they bought their weapon and gear not earned it..

if your not an mmorpg gamer, please dont make these claims that we want free to play mmorpg gaming.. not that i'm fond of paying but the alternative is not a good one in my opinion, microtransactions suck

dericb113039d ago

Grinding is in MMO's, you play them you will grind regardless.
Secondly if you play the game a newb player won't hurt you because you can solo if needed.

MysticStrummer3039d ago

If it was up to me, Sony would waive the cost of one MMO a month for Plus members, up to $14.99. That would seal the deal and make me join for sure. Hell, I'd join if they just gave a $10 MMO credit every month, but I'd be shocked if even that happened.

Sheikh Yerbouti3039d ago

They should charge $24.99 for every three months for Plus members - essentially half off. That would drive Plus membership.

Expecting some mortality after initial launch, it would help increase Plus membership, which helps drives sales to the Playstation Store with attractive deals and free full-game trials.

Focker4203039d ago

Well hopefully they don't charge $15 for The Agency (not Agent) as well because that'll be another mmo down the drain.

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