Was All That Final Fantasy XIII Fuss Worth It?

Kotaku: In one word, "no".

When Final Fantasy XIII was originally revealed, it was slated as a PS3 exclusive. Square Enix was adamant about it. Incredibly adamant.

Then, at the E3 gaming expo in July 2008, the inevitable happened: Final Fantasy XIII was coming to the Xbox 360, but only in Western markets. The game was getting a PS3-only release in Japan. Gamers were sent into a tailspin, with players in Japan wondering if the game was in fact truly a PS3 exclusive.

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stonecold32857d ago

the game was over hype but failed since it went multi and delaying the ps3 version should not had been accepted and content taking away ruined this game for me and ff13 failed. square have backed the wrong console and since it didnt do huge number for 360 . there ffvs 13 will not even come out on 360 .after this version flop there .? peace out

Eamon2857d ago

stonecold3, while you're probably a kid who won't really care what I say..

Square have already admitted their mistakes.
FF13 flopped not because of console format but because of development hell. 5 years in the making but they were not managed properly and there was no clear image of what they wanted to make.

The port to Xbox 360 was a financial decision. They spent too many years of development with a huge cash spending that they need surety that they would not make a huge loss.

If Final Fantasy XIII had a clear development vision and plan from the start and had not gone back to the drawing board too many times, it would have most likely come out sooner and release only on PS3.

So it's not any console's fault. It's entirely S-E's fault.

rockleex2857d ago

No wandering around towns
No conversating with NPCs, you just hear them talk as you pass by
No places to explore, you're always just going from point A to point B with nothing in between but battles
No gameplay outside of the battle system
No sidequests, the extra "quests" at the end of the game consist of nothing but MORE battles

How can you even call this an RPG? All you do is battle battle battle, then watch a 20 minute cutscene of pointless arguments between each other.

It doesn't help that the battle system was SO simplified and the Crystarium was so linear that you couldn't progress at your own rate. You were always limited at a certain point until you beat the next boss.

They had to do that because the battle system is so simple and easy that people would easily beat the game within a few hours if they didn't limit the Crystarium.

Gothdom2857d ago

"They had to do that because the battle system is so simple and easy that people would easily beat the game within a few hours if they didn't limit the Crystarium. "

I heard the japanese 360 version contains an "easy mode".... I think the game plays by itself at that point.

TheDivine2857d ago

It was a bad ff but i stil loved it. If you want a real next gen ff see lost odyssey from the man who created ff 1-x. Square is still good they just started this on ps2, switched gens, engines exc. It was still beautiful, great story and world/characters, and the battle sysem was fun, but it needed npcs and towns. They made like 4 other great games this gen. One game you dont like and you hate them, you are a fair weather fan, i have faith they can make good games still. Loved star ocen 4, in undiscovery, last remnant, nier, birth by sleep, crisis core, and parasite eve 3, ff13vs, and agito 13 look sooo dope.

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Zir02857d ago

It sold over 1ml copies on the 360 (the highest selling JRPG on the system) which guarantees FFVSXIII will come to the 360 at least in the west.

dericb112857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

You would think. But the royalty fees and normal fees Square Enix has to pay to MS means they more then likely lost money. 1 Million is not a lot these day for games with budgets so large. We can't even get a Tales game because no one bought it.

Here is a good example. Heavenly Sword sold over a million unit and the devs said they have make no money out of it.

xX-PEIN-Xx2857d ago

actually that guarantees nothing. Tetsuya Nomura has said on record that he has no plans to port the game to the 360 and that he will not be forced to port it. He has threatened to leave Square Enix which is something they don't want.

Chris3992857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Proportionately, if we look at the advertising and success of Lost Odyssey, it was FAR more successful. LO had a moderate ad campaign, sold 850K and was released in 2008. FFXIII had an enormous amount of hype and marketing, and 1 million (10 weeks since launch) in 2010. Worth noting is that the 360 install base was more than double in 2010. One is a new IP, the other is a decade old franchise with tremendous pull. I'd say Lost Odyssey was a greater success on the 360.

And do you remember this:

Final Fantasy was supposed to sell MORE according to Greenburg (banking on that was their at the time bosom-buddy Square Enix too, I'm sure) on the 360. How'd that turn out? Have you noticed, that there isn't a SINGLE JRPG exclusive announced for the 360 for any of the coming calendar years? Not a one since Magna Carta 2. Kingdom Under Fire 2 went multi and that has forever been an Xbox (console) exclusive franchise.

It's clear that MS has ditched the JRPG after a failed attempt to court the genre while Sony picked up steam. So I wouldn't expect any more cheques in Square Enix's account any time soon. In delaying the development (which costs lots of money), advertising the crap out of it (ALL I saw were ads for the 360 version) and the abortion that just happened in Japan, even Square must be paying attention to the average performance of XIII - their flagship series (dismal in Japan) on the 360, and the shift in the market by now.

I don't even know if MS gave them a cheque as much as they appealed to Wada's hard-on for Westernization. They probably promised him the MOON in 360 SKU sales, and the reality was quite different.

RedDead2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Pein, Link? I highly doubt Nomura would leave over something that's not his desicion to make. Shi* he's lucky he even got to make a final fantasy. Not that he hasn't proven himself worthy, he's been the most capable person at S-e since Squaresoft joined with enix.

Nomura want's Versus to stay exclusive, but it's not his desicion, for all we know EA could port the damn thing to 360, Nomura doesn't have to be there, his job is to make FF versus on Ps3, after that S-e can do with it what they want.

Now here's to hoping it stays exclusive atleast until it's release on Ps3, I wouldn't mind a timed exclusive if they start porting after they release, but it will just take more time if they start porting it before it's out, i've been waiing long enough for the game damn it.

SaiyanFury2857d ago


I couldn't have said it better bud. Wada's hardon for westernisation is exactly right. They should keep JRPGs Japanese and leave the WRPGs to the west. Don't sell out your cultural identity to the world. Do that, and what do you have left? Mediocrity.

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edgeofblade2857d ago

Sure. Microsoft caused FF13 to fail.

How do you figure? No really. Put together a reasoned and intelligent argument and convinces me that going multiplat was what killed this already-trash game. Tell me how splitting into 3 disks destroyed the flow of FF13 and forced it into one long corridor of "Mash A", when several RPGs on 360 never suffered from that problem.

Gamer1122857d ago

It failed since it went multi plat? funny you said that i played me2 demo on ps3 and i noticed frame rate drops..

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MaideninBlack2857d ago

They'll be asking the same thing when Versus hits.

dorron2857d ago

It failed for me. It was a nice game but nothing especial.

Roper3162857d ago

It was an excellent action/adventure game but horrible as a RPG. I really enjoyed it because I took it for what it was a action game and not a RPG.

Hopefully Vs XII will be more RPG then action game.

Simco8762857d ago

Xbox ruined FFXIII for Playstation supporters that have been backing the game since VII. But the game was horrible anyways, so it wouldn't have mattered.

I hope they learn from their mistakes with XIII and make a better XV!

By the way... FFXIII is $14 bucks now....sad

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