Kinect: The very dangerous non-gamer experiment

Gamesradar writes "The 'experiment' involved taking Kinect home on the day it was released and connecting it to the TV. I then spent time over the following weeks playing a bunch of Kinect games with various friends and family who rank as 'remedial' on the gamer ability spectrum. This is what happened."

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Chaostar2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

Hehe pretty funny article, I especially enjoyed the bit where he is shouting at his kids because they aren't "Kinect compatible" lol.

tigertom532858d ago

Kinect is a blast young and old

Pixel_Enemy2858d ago

I thought it was fun for a bit but it's not my style. I don't see myself ever buying it

fooltheman2858d ago

I just tested it, as a ps3-fanboy...I have my own reasons for not liking microsoft...
but I can see what's so intriguing about it for casuals...and it's kinda fun too...
but i'll be honest...I played more gran turismo 5 at the next stand...than jump the boat in kinect adventures...

Simco8762858d ago

Looks like old timers would love Kinect and thats about it.

I know kids (above the age of 8 and under 15) are probably having a blast with it, but I bet they are noob tubing in CoD more.

Kinect will sit in front of your TV collecting dust, just like Move and just like the Wii.

drsnobby2858d ago

The author of this "OPINION PIECE" needs to remember that MS is gearing this towards casuals.MS has the casual base now and it,s up to developers to see how they gonna use this hardware.the wii took a chance and made alot of money,MS took the same chance and it,s working out as well.over time we will see the fruit of kinect and its impact on gaming.

C0MPUT3R2858d ago

How much longer until they stop writing about kinect & move? It's boring.