First Screenshots of Castlevania Lords of Shadows DLC "Reverie”

Konami has send out the first Screenshots from new Castelevania: Lords of Shadow DLC "Reverie”.

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kevco332856d ago

Meah... still need to complete the game!

Belasco2856d ago

Me to, I am finding that I am sort of picking it up, playing a few levels, and putting it down for a week or two.

rockleex2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Translate please? :(

Btw, is this co-op DLC? Or just allowing you to play as the little girl to help out Gabriel?

Oh yea, and its REALLY easy to Platinum the game.

Ahasverus2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Soo awesome, they nailed the gothic castle atmosphere this time!

Edit: That head image is too ugly :P it was captured from the second trailer when Game's graphics were horrible, the same escene in the real game is differently rendered.
Real in game image of the same scene:

zgoldenlionz2856d ago

the interior castle looks pretty sweet, ive been meaning to play this game i was bummed to see that my local blockbuster didnt bother getting this game (but the same day it released they recieved 6 copies of Megamind! wtf) but im sure ill pick it up when the price is right.

Ahasverus2856d ago

Oh yeah you owe it to yourself :D

Spenok2855d ago

Agreed, the game was fantastic. Cant help but be excited.

Balt 2856d ago

Did this one ever get better than the 1st 2 hours? I think I stopped when you had to fight the SOTC clone boss thing. I never went back to it. It just didn't feel like Vania to me. It, to me, could've been called Lord Of Shadows and nothing else and I'd probably not have had such high expectations for it.

Theyellowflash302856d ago

Oh yeah the game gets really really good after 1 to 2 hours. The game is 20 hours long. You end up getting light and dark magic which can heal you when you hit them (light) or do more damage when you hit them (dark).

You also get a focus meter that fills up in return when you hit enemies you get more essence orbs which in return fill up you light or dark magic. The kicker is if you get hit the meter goes to zero.

There is also a ton of combos to unlock for light and dark magic plus regular combos. The combat in CLOS is far more indepth than GOW cuz of all the options. You also get cool sub weapons like daggers, holy water, Fairies, and all of them have different effects when you have light or dark magic activated.

Not to mention the story is fantastic. The ending is amazing and will leave you pumped to play the next game.

NecrumSlavery2856d ago


Well they could of kept it openworld, but it had to be split up on 360, so those constrants couldnt fly. But other than that, this is very musch Castlevania. C:LoS is one of the best games this year and it is a 9/10 game that ever core gamer needs to put 20+ hours into.

lastdual2856d ago

It's definitely more classic Castlevania and less Metroidvania. The gameplay does have some derivative elements, but for the most part it pulls them off well enough that you won't mind.

Ahasverus2856d ago

The game really starts at Chapter 3. That's 3 hoours in though. However, it becomes a rollercoaster to heaven since then ;)

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