Peep At The Steamy Shower Scene In The 3rd Birthday

Kitase said he was hoping to make The 3rd Birthday available to a wide range of age groups and was concerned about a scene upping the rating. However, Kitase realized Aya’s appeal is an important element of the game and green lit the scene. The scene is really suggestive, Kitase said.

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RedDead2858d ago

Her titties are bigger than I thought

Shikoro2858d ago

Dat ass! :P

Just kidding, but it's nice to see attractive female characters in games. We don't want the fat ladies to take the spot. :D

Yi-Long2858d ago

... but you hardly see anything, so once again they don't dare to actually show nudity, but are just hinting at it.

Which to me just seems lame. Either you throw in a shower-scene and don't go to all the trouble of hiding it, or you don't bother at all.

Same thing for those immature 'sex' scenes in God of War, where you're watching a piece of scenery and pushing some buttons just so you can hear some moaning...(!) It's pathetic.

It's like they pretent to be 'edgy', yet it's just juvenile.

shadow27972858d ago

Did you play God of War 3?

smashman982858d ago

lol that is the sorriest eexcuse for "IM A HORNY TEENAGER WHO WANTS TO SEE ASS AND TITS " ever cmon seriously they want to show off her beauty without exposing it all the way because THAT would be juvenile

-Gespenst-2857d ago

I'm pretty sure full frontal nudity would cheapen the game a bit. This approach is kind of seductive but pure.

Yi-Long2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

... I'm 34 year olds and have been with my girlfriend for almost 10 years now. If I want to see a pair of boobs or more, I could just jump her.

So no, my complaint has nothing to do with being a horny teenager.

My complaint is that these developers are trying to get all this attention with their 'nude-scenes' and 'sex-scenes' etc etc, and they manage to get that attention... but the whole thing is just on a very tame immature sad level.

Ooohhh my God of War has poundy sex! Big woohoo(!) It adds fuck-all to the game, plus they even pull the camera away from the action so they're scared to show it as well. It has absolutely no function instead of just making a bunch of sad teenagers kinda horny. It's pathetic.

You either put nudity or sex in your game or not. I don't care. But when you do it half-assed like this, it's crystal clear you're only being an attention-desperate whorey tease of a developer.

The way sex and nudity is introduced in most games right now, is downright pathetic.

kagon012857d ago

They do that for children sake...

Yi-Long2857d ago you have kids watching Kratos ripping eyeballs and limbs from opponents, yet seeing some sex would really mess those kids up, right!?!?

Maybe we should throw all those parents where the kid accidentally walks in in them during an intimate moment, in jail for permanently damaging their child's psyche!?

Come on now, people.

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The Matrix2858d ago

Prediction: This goes up to top 4 in heat index.

rrw2858d ago (Edited 2858d ago )

the question is when?
and what degrees?

Dan502858d ago

ESRB will prob give it an AO rating if they are feeling puritan.

Ruggadagod2858d ago

actually makes good games on the handhelds and not the consoles wtf? I'll be buying this day one. one for the gameplay and the other for the tits lol. I'm a man i cannot help it.

GodsHand2858d ago

Damm, photographer would you stop breathing on the lens, I want to see what you are taking a picture of.

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