Gaming Culture

Consider this a bit of a rant, but is it unfair of me to think that gaming culture is a complete waste of time? ‘Culture’ refers to a refinement of arts and things that influence how we view the world. Music, painting, films and so on have done this for centuries. But not games, which is the fastest growing sector of what most would consider ‘popular culture’.

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ATi_Elite2907d ago

The Entertainment business is totally different from businesses that make actual products. Comparing Tom Cruise to John Carmack is STUPID. John's games speak for themselves where as Tom acts like an ass so you go see his movies.

Video Gaming is a culture just like Hip Hop is a culture.
Gaming culture has it's...
own lingo
style of dress
waring factions
Social Events
it's own Lifestyle and many other things, The cool thing about the Gaming culture is that ALL GAMERS are it's icons. you think pop music you picture maybe Michael Jackson, you think western movie it's Clint Eastwood, you think Sci Fi it's Star Wars, you think video gamer, you picture YOURSELF or if your a parent you think "my kid".

projectmayhem2907d ago

You are right in what you say but I think that self-image is only present when it's the gamer him/herself thinking about the genre. Outsiders don't look at it that way. This is why I brought up the culture around Metal music - it's looked at from the outside with distain because the people inside are sweaty, drunk meat headed morons. Gaming has a similar 'bad rep' when looked on from the outside...