Gamasutra's Best Of 2010: The Top 10 Games Of The Year

Gamasutra's look back on 2010 culminates their staff creating a list of the top 10 games of the year, cross-console, from a small PC gem to a great big Western and beyond -- plus personal choices from each of their writers.

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LunaticBrandon2949d ago

I'm guessing your favorite game didn't make the list.

Steven212949d ago

im guessing you own just a 360 and a pc. that fact that GoW3 didnt make this shit list amazes some with heavy rain. oh and for 360 i would have put alan wake on there, the story was very gripping

gamerwiips3602949d ago

I stopped reading dat list after 9 onwards...
Really Shocked seeing ME2 @ dat spot.

C'mon dat game is easily head & tail wid Rockstar's Masterpiece RDR. If any game this year challenges RDR then it must be ME2..

& where the hell is Reach/GOW III/Heavy Rain/BC2...

I Approve this is a Fail List.
Too many gud games were left out..But I guess dis is not articles fault..Everybody has their taste.


Platinum2949d ago

They should have name this 2010 top 10 underrated games.

xYokox2948d ago

Nice list, then again that's always to be expected from Gamasutra.