NHL 08 Review "Making hockey matter again!" Score 95 (1UP)

It looks like EA has put 2k on thin ice this year.

It's been rough going for the sport of hockey in the last few years, and even longer since the videogame version has blown us away. We're talking since NHL '94. But for its part, the outstanding NHL 08" is doing everything it can to make hockey -- real-life or otherwise -- relevant again.

You'll immediately feel why this is an instant contender for sports game of the year after just a few seconds of play.

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xaphanze5625d ago

same score for both consoles!!!

Snukadaman5624d ago

and everyone knows how that turned out...buyer beware.

americanGTA5625d ago

......NHL 96 for sega.

just kidding.... 95?!?!!??!?! wow, i think i gotta check this one out!!!!

the greatest5625d ago (Edited 5625d ago )

2k8 5 x better
EA nhl 08 its being hyped up
big time

toughNAME5625d ago

for NHL games, EA's version is consistantly better

not to say its different for other sports games

but 2K's hockey games usually are..garbage

Covenant5624d ago

Improved Madden...

Improved Tiger...

Now this...

Looks like EA isn't trying to "phone it in" this year.

2K8 is almost always better than NBA Live...we'll see what happens.

tomfoolery5624d ago

dumbed down version.
Or else Maiddens Raiders might throw another fit and try to spark
a million-Sony man march on EA.
Please EA.......make them equal so Sonyonly kids can sleep at night.

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