GameStop PS3 and Wii Kiosks In September

The release of the Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3--for which sections in 4,400-plus GameStop retail stores will be carved out in September, the company said--and the upcoming holiday season will increase the number of people buying games, said Lazard Capital Markets. After GameStop's conference call, the analyst group issued a statement recommending buying shares in the company

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BoneMagnus5383d ago

Can't wait to get my hands on these. The DS Lite kiosk led to me buying my first hand-held in over a decade.

I really hope Zelda is playable. I'm still undecided whether I should go ahead and get the GC version or, if I like the Wii, if I should wait until I get the new console.

Bill Nye5383d ago

I don't see where it says anything about kiosks.

kewlkat0075383d ago

about zelda..I haven't played the gamecube in 3 years...and I rather use the old gamecube controller untill I test this new Wii one out.

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