1UP Reviews NHL 2K8

The first time someone laces up a pair of skates, he or she is bound to suffer a few unwelcome bumps and bruises. But like with any sport, spend enough time on the ice, and it starts to feel like second nature. So you'd think that 2K -- with a hockey pedigree that dates back to 2000 -- would only improve over time. Sadly, this just isn't the case. Rather than delivering a game that can stand toe-to-toe with EA's fantastic offering, NHL 2K8 reminds us of a skater who's still really uncomfortable on the frozen pond.

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boodybandit5624d ago

It was my first submission and I copy and pasted it from 1UP's site as written.

dresden5624d ago

OMG, 4/10? 1up = idiots. They definitely didn't play this game....

benfinkel5624d ago

This isn't a very informative review. 1UP has taken a turn for the worse with this for sure.

It's about 200 words long, talks ONLY about the difficulty of the controls, and then gives it a low score. That's not a review, that's a brief complaint.

There is no talk of any of the off-ice features like franchise mode or online leagues or sim options or player development or scouting. It's fine that he didn't like the controls and is going to demerit points for that, but what about the rest of the game?

boi5624d ago

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