PlayStation 3 Exclusive Titles for 2011

First of all the PS3 has a lot of games coming out in 2011. This could be a record breaking year for the PlayStation network as they get most likely a huge improvement on the community numbers since 2010. Here is the exclusive list for games on the PS3 in 2011, enjoy!

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Some of those games are multiplatform.

Omega Archetype2855d ago

Yeah, isn't Back To The Future going to be available on PC and 360 as well?

Anyways, I sure hope FFvXIII hits next year! I also really hope that Square is working on a FF HD Collection for PS3. I'd absolutely love playing FFX and especially FFXII in HD (without all the ridiculous jaggies!)

doa7662855d ago

since the point is made again and again that games like Mass Effect 2 and Splinter Cell Conviction are NOT 360 exclusives because they have a PC version, it is only fair to do the same with the PS3, which by the way doesn't need false padding for its line up lists to get to double digits

Final Fantasy 14 is not an exclusive, neither is DC online or The Agency (you that site seem to know about), they all have PC versions

neither Final Fantasy Versus 13 or Agent will be released during 2011

and clearly Mass Effect 2 should not be on any platform's exclusives list (PC, 360 or PS3)

CryofSilence2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )


Your point is valid; however, if we were to accept that, the Xbox 360's line-up would look rather grim. Gears of War 1 and the Fable series are on PC as well (among others). So, I'm not sure what would be best to do, depending on which you wish to emerge "victorious" over the other.

doa7662855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )


my best friend is a life long PC gamer and he played and loved the first Gears of War and was angry to hear that the second one was not coming out on PC and he would not be able to play it

so clearly the first Gears of War is not a 360 exclusive and the second one is

maybe if all these websites would remove multiplatform games from 360 exclusive lists then Microsoft would start spending money on first party studios to develope exclusive AAA titles, instead of throwing away millions on timed exclusive DLC and glorified eyetoys that are useless for gaming

so I think that things should be called by their name

CryofSilence2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Good point. I agree with you in that Microsoft should really invest more on their own studios' titles.

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dragon822855d ago

None of these are exclusive to the PS3:

Final Fantasy XIV
DC Universe Online
Mass Effect 2

doa7662855d ago

also The Agency is not exclusive (if it's still coming out)

Traveler2855d ago

Well but Final Fantasy XIV and DC Universe Online are console exclusives. So for people choosing between a PS3 and a 360 those two games could be a big selling point.


exclusive information from ^

Blacktric2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

How many more articles do we need about this subject for Lord's sake. Everyone knows that there are tons of great exclusive games coming for PS3 in 2011 and we saw tens of articles since the reveal of Uncharted 3. I don't think we really need another "personal blog" to remind us again that there are great exclusives coming in 2011. Not to mention that its a poorly written article filled with mistakes and also some of those listed games are either multiplatform (Mass Effect 2, Back To The Future) or doesn't have a release date yet (Agent).

Js2Kings2855d ago

I don't see why you got disagrees because you're right. This article doesn't even have a opinion piece, it's just another list.

Moerdigan2855d ago

he might was well listed all worthwhile non exclusives as well. It would have added a needed twist to these articles.

Myst2855d ago

Next year will be awesome for RPGs and well any type of genre in general. Malicious seems interesting and is actually my first time hearing about it. Quite interested to hear more about it

Black-Helghast2855d ago

Yeah man, i'm look forward to some of these RPG games like um...Trinity and Final Fantasy Versus 13. But theres one RPG that i want the most...PROJECT DARK! But it's on Xbox so it can't use the power of the PS3 100%. :(

Myst2855d ago

Project Dark? Is that the one where it's a spiritual successor to Demon's Souls?

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