Is the Vietnam War still "too soon" for a video game?

At what point is it okay to base a military first-person shooter on a historical conflict, and who gets to decide when that is?

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Hellsvacancy2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Well, if they make games bout the wars in Afghanistan then the answer is no

Kevin ButIer2859d ago

Lol its fun when journalists try to get to serious over games...

Get over it, there are many other topics to get serious...

morganfell2859d ago

The answer should be no.

Vietcong had an older engine but the mission structure in that game along with it's add on Fist Alpha (and not the abortion console version) were really great games in their day. There was so much research that went into those titles.

And Hornster was one of the funniest angry game characters ever.

toaster2859d ago

Battlefield Vietnam didn't seem to have much controversy.

AKS2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

My friends in Afganistan and Iraq were buying armor for Humvees out of their own pockets because they were so pathetically underfunded and people think being sensitive about a video game about the Vietnam war is what's important right now?

ChrisW2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

I remember reading an article about how some tard-of-an-author couldn't play Metal of Honor because he absolutely loathed playing as the Taliban... WTF! How about the Nazis? They killed millions upon millions of people. Their atrocities are still in the memories of people living today and people don't bat an eye at playing as a Nazi in multiplayer.

In BFBC2, I'll be killing Vietcong like I previously killed the Nazis and Taliban (and vice versa in multiplayer) and I'll be loving every minute of it. And by this time next year, I hope I'll be killing North Koreans!

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theafroman2859d ago

vietnam war was a long time ago a real long time ago

Nightshadow2859d ago

It was actually quite recent; ended in 1975.

There are plenty of movies made that are based on the Vietnam war, why should it be any different for games? The game places you on both sides of the war and is not distasteful in any way. Dice have attempted to keep it as accurate as they can, and if anything it shows the younger generation (whom are unaware of the atrocities of this war) how horrific it was. It can be used as valuable lesson in history and perhaps spark an interest in the younger generation.

kissmeimgreek2859d ago

You bring up a great point thats created a lot of controversy right now. Because few "mainstream" people view video games as art, Real world events are seen as distasteful while movies about the same subject matters are praised for their subject material and drama. Its just one of those things thats going to take time for people to get used to.

I feel that as long as your respectful to the subject material, you should be allowed to make whatever the hell you want, no matter when it happened.

choadley2859d ago (Edited 2859d ago )

Tensions about the Vietnam War are still touchy. Anyone remember the 2004 election? Game developers have the right to publish games based on wars, but I think it's still odd to play a video game and be an active participate as compared to watching Apocalypse Now or another war movie as a passive viewer.

ChronoJoe2859d ago

People need to get over shit, it's just a game.

ZILLA2859d ago

this game is ONLINE MADNESS!!

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