X360A: Top 5 Game Add-Ons of 2010

X360A writes:

"Everyone loves DLC, right? No, well we do... and no-one asked you, okay? What do you mean, I just asked you? That was a rhetorical segue, of course, because that’s how I roll. Anyway, where was I? Oh, that’s right, in today’s Festive Feature, our focus turns to this year’s best pieces of DLC, or as Microsoft likes to call them, “Game Add-Ons”... Oooohhh, how fancy! It’s a straightforward top 5 this one, so we look for the best and disregard the rest. Simples."

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Echo3072854d ago

I would've put the undead nightmare DLC a tad higher but this is a good list. I also haven't played the BFBC2 Vietnam expansion, but I've heard nothing but great things.

r1sh122854d ago

I dunno.
I would have thought the GTA DLC content was pretty good.
It gave us a 'new' GTA mini game, with single player, multiplayer and some random Co-op stuff.
I think Rockstar also used it as a 'beta' because they made changes to the RAGE engine, the way the characters run etc..
Most people do not like GTA IV, but they cannot deny the 2 DLC's were pretty packed.

Lirky2854d ago

Rdr poker is fun, i still play that and undead overrun.

thrasherv32854d ago

Knoxx is 4th!?

It doesn't matter if you don't like the game, the fact is this is a true DLC that provides the most content out of the list. It takes the vanilla game and turns it up to eleven.