The most realistic first person shooter you'll ever see

GR - One of the most popular youtube users, freddiew, who has a habit of making sweet vids with rad FX, at least that's what he claims on his youtube channel which if you've seen his videos isn't a far fetched thought after all. His latest video show us literally the most realistic first person shooter you have ever seen or will see in the foreseeable future.

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hennessey862909d ago

I like the spawn kill, very black ops

Echo3072909d ago

I have no idea who this guy is but that video was awesome. Probably took an insane amount of work to get it just right.

Strange_Evil2909d ago

Awesome video!!! The guy's a freaking genius in making videos with special effects.. His channel is worth subscribing..

Over 700K subscriptions holycrap lol!!

Sarcasm2908d ago

Crysis looks better IMO

pre-face palm for anyone who takes me serious

RedDragan2908d ago

Kids will never like a game like that. It contains realistic running speeds and so it would be deemed "FAILZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ Z!"

Unless you can run at 87MPH with 1,528kg of amour, guns and ammunition... kids (under the age of 24) are not interested!

Welcome to COD era folks, where realism goes out of the window!

Echo3072908d ago

Wow, sounds like someone is a little bitter about CoD these days.

I think you missed the point of the video, dude. As in, the video had no point, it was just a cool vid.

zeeshan2908d ago

We'll be able to see things far more realistic starting next generation of consoles. Not as real as we have in this video but it'll be pretty damn close! I can't wait but my wallet would love to wait though!

Perjoss2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

i still think Crysis looks better.

edit: ok seriously that is a great vid! very funny and well made.

acedoh2908d ago

Great vid. Now I can't wait to see more maps...

Bolts2908d ago

Where is the host migration part??

Crazyglues2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

Yeah that video is Awesome... I don't think people realize how much work goes into trying to make a video that good...

-But really nicely done...


shadow27972908d ago

His death count doesn't change after he dies twice...

Fvcking Haxor!!!

rockleex2908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

How come there was no lag?

This wasn't the PS3 version otherwise we would have freezes and lower resolutions.

rockleex2908d ago

Not because the PS3's weak but because Treyarch messed up big time on Black Ops.

Kleptic2908d ago

its so full of funny stuff that people really do...the tea bagging is obvious, but I love how he looks up and spins and starts swinging the knife in the air...people really do that at the end of a match haha...

mikeslemonade2908d ago

They should have dressed up. They had all these model guns but they couldn't find uniforms and make a ghilli suit?

bakasora2908d ago

The sound effects are so important in that video.

rjdofu2908d ago

@RedDragan: Hm... I assume you're 24 years old; hence, you claim all people under your age are kids, amirite?

LOL jk.

Shepherd 2142908d ago

Rofl at the sprint/knife kill-cam.

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garos822909d ago

extremely impressive. a glimpse of the future of shooters perhaps? surely hope so

Seijoru2909d ago

Yay more cod only it looks real, just what i wanted /s.

toaster2908d ago

If the future of shooters is CoD style spray and pray then I'm going to quit gaming.

acky12908d ago (Edited 2908d ago )

It's laughable that you think a future shooter with ultra realistic graphics will still have silly unrealistic CoD style hand and gun gestures.
Sony 'til I die

darksied2908d ago

I wonder how much Activision would charge for DLC like this?

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ico922908d ago

reminds me of this, the movie was fail but the scene was win!

sobekflakmonkey2908d ago

very Blops and modern warfare 2

AEtherbane2908d ago

I love Freddie's vids. He's amazing!

visualb2908d ago

its freddiew, he does crazy video game v ideos =) check his rocket jump kill xD tis awesome

fun vid

newflesh2908d ago

Well.. I think this is the greatest thing I've seen in a long time.

SaberEdge2908d ago

Very well done. That was great.

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CrzyFooL2909d ago

FreddieW is a god. His videos are literally made of win.

Black-Helghast2909d ago

Lol, i saw this hours ago and i laughed my ass off.

Also if you want to see MW3 gameplay here it is. :D

Calm Down Sunshine2908d ago

People that swamp their videos with tags like that..

"MW3 Online Gameplay 2ThorO fKillimanjaro lol smiley face cool awesome giant man eating grape fruits cod cod6 cod mw2 mw3 mw2 call of duty halo halo 3 cod cheats cod mods monkey people lady gaga airsoft m4 a1 m16a4 tags are so annoying antidisestablishmentarionism funny xtingma charlie bit my finger workout"

Should be put to sleep as soon as they even think about uploading their video.
They're cluttering youtube with unrelated toss.
And most of the time, it's truly awful toss like that video.

sobekflakmonkey2908d ago

that is definitely CoD's core demographic as of now.

thereapersson2908d ago

What's funny is, they spelled "antidisestablishmentaria nism" wrong...

Kleptic2908d ago

well that one is obviously kids, so leave em alone...we ALL did insanely gay shit when we were young, just be happy no one recorded it...or at least hope no one finds the video...

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RedDead2909d ago

That was good, surprised me much