Red Dead Redemption "Far Away" Music Video writes - "Rockstar released a "Far Away" music video created and edited entirely with game footage from Red Dead Redemption."

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sam22362855d ago

Since when was the site called 'News for Music Videos'?

This isn't news.

MagicAccent2855d ago

Most cinematic moment in the game.

But still, it's not really news :/

Quagmire2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Douschebags. If this was news, it would be posted under the NEWS section. Its a video, thus under the Video section, related to gaming.

If Top 10 lists, flamebait articles and COD funnies can be approved on N4G, then why cant this?

ONTOPIC: Literally just finished this game, and it just got better with every minute from the very first time I started playing. The ending was a kick to the nuts!

matte412855d ago

Quagmire make sure you have completely finished the game. It can be a little confusing at the end since a major event will occur and there will appear to be no missions left but there is still one major task to be accomplished which will eventually appear. I thought I was finished but latter learned there was a little more. You will know you are done when the credits roll.

Quagmire2855d ago

Yea, i finished the true ending. I was expecting the next game to be the story of HIM on his quest for vengeance, was suprised I got to do it now.