First Impressions from the Dead Space 2 Demo

Dead Pixels writes: You should know, assuming you don't already, that the demo for Dead Space 2 is out now and it shows off a bit of the game's single-player side. You should also know my Xbox 360 measured it at a solid 1.23 GB so if your internet is as slow as mine I recommend clearing some time on your undoubtedly busy schedule to slap that thing on your hard drive. Go ahead and do that now, don't worry about me, I can wait. Done? Great, let's talk about it.

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Serjikal_Strike2861d ago

The weapon where you can nail your enemies to the wall is so fukin part,you can pick the darts back up...DS2 FTW!

BabyColada2861d ago

The Javelin gun does rock pretty hard but I had no idea you could pick up the bolts, that's frakking AWESOME. Time to boot up the demo again...

velocitygamer2860d ago

Is it me, or did I always run out of ammo? On my first try, I ran out of ammo half way through., so I melee'd my way through lol