Auto Leveling in RPG's, Pure Genius

Grind, Grind, Grind, Grind, Grind, Grind... You get the picture and if you're an RPG gamer, you know the drill. This is a typical consequence of the genre, that at one point in the game it may be invevitable that you will be grinding in order to level up your characters for abilities, spells or even the strength to defeat a boss. While I have no real issue with this and know many others that feel the same way (well we have been playing the games without a problem for all these years) many are unable to jump into RPG's and this is one of the key reasons. But what if level grinding was an actual option in the game that you could essentially turn off? Well it pretty much is a reality in Lufia: Curse of the Sinistrals. Here we will look at how they do it and why it is a genius move for RPG's...

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PhoenixDevil2860d ago

I dnt kno about revoulitionary but certainly a good idea, purists dont have to use it and casuals can use it if they want

However im not a fan of grinding (n thro such have learnt to enjoy taking on bosses WAY under leveled - resonace of fate nearly killed me) but its a core game play mechanic n the problem is it kinda acts lyk a snooze button on a alarm clock - you never plan on using it but often do. I think i and many other gamers would end up using it more then they'd lyk to admit, could really make or brake the game for some ppl

what I'd love personally is a boss fight mode on an RPG where you can choose the boss you want to fight and your level (with a recomened level but you can choose any you want) just so i can see how low a level i can use to beat a boss. Reminds me of Kingdom Hearts 2 where a mate didnt believe me that i beat sephiroth at level 45 so i went back re did the game n recorded beating him at lv40 sad as it sounds was a lot of fun :)

good article read anyway will be interesting if this does come tto more RPGs

mobijoker2859d ago

Lets put it this way rpgs are like reading the whole Lord of th Rings novels,not watching the movie.In movie,its just 10hours of action packed events.In the novel,it take some time to settle for the ride.But when you get the feel,evrything in the world feels like relevant.What you call grinding is the way to get that feel.True rpgs give you to play a role and they aims you to feel it.Look,people still plays oblivion,doing the same things over and over again.