New Castlevania Lords of Shadows DLC artwork

Watch the three Dark Lords in their human forms and the scketches of the new Clocktower

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R2D22859d ago

I really wish they would make more stand alone DLC - I biught Lords of Shadow day 1 but passed it in less than a week, so I sold it.

I really want to play the DLC but no way in hell am I buying the game again.

antihiroprotagonist2859d ago

I'm glad you signed your posting Squall, otherwise I wouldn't know who you were!

Ninja-Sama2859d ago

Can't wait to play this, looking forward to find how how Gabriel descended into darkness.

Milky2859d ago

I also sold it after I completed it. I will have to find another copy somewhere to play this amazing DLC!

Belasco2859d ago

For once it doesnt have that Photoshop/Wacom tablet sameness that is so common to game art, great work.