Kotick Believes Treyarch Does Not Get 'Their Due'

With the recent announcement stating that Black Ops has surpassed $1 billion in sales worldwide, the discussion on Treyarch vs. Infinity Ward still remains. While many still believe Treyarch has a lot to prove when it comes to developing titles, Activision CEO Bobby Kotick argues that Treyarch has more than shown they can stand on their own.

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donniebaseball2947d ago

Well, to some degree he's right. Infinity Ward was more talented but that doesn't take away from what Treyarch has accomplished.

NewMonday2946d ago

Funny coming from the same guy who didn’t give IW their due money.

TheLastGuardian2946d ago

COD: Black Ops made a billion dollars? Seriously? I can think of a billion games that deserve those sales more.

Gawdl3y2946d ago

I'm going to have to disagree with everybody that says that Treyarch hasn't done anything for Call of Duty, and that Black Ops is simply a worse copy of MW2. First of all, MW2 was horrible, and BO is definitely better than it. Second of all, what about all of the additions Treyarch has added in (other than Zombies)? You know, theatre mode, fully customisable private matches, COD Points, Wager Matches, split-screen online, etc. You can't possibly say that Treyarch simply copied MW2. Third of all, it isn't "Infinity Ward's Engine". The engine that Call of Duty runs on is a modified version of the Quake Engine, and it hasn't changed much from game to game, except some modifications and additions from each game.

lazysey2946d ago

The only thing they've accomplished was nazi zombies, and that is stuff you put on xbox live arcade or psn.

crzyjackbauer2946d ago

i agree
Treyarch didint make the COD4 engine
WAW was just a copy and past job-and a bad one
and so is BO

WAW doesent look better than COD4
and BO doesent look as good ad MW2

compared to IW, treyarch hasent done Ish for COD
remeber COD3 just remember COD3

scar202947d ago

*Activision CEO Bobby Kotick argues that Treyarch has more than shown they can stand on their own.*

You mean that they have shown they can make a game worser than mw2 if that is what you are referring to then i totally agree with u.

scar202947d ago

Seriously man wtf are you on?

Pandamobile2947d ago

I'm not on anything.

The single player in BLOPS was actually a decent length, and was actually interesting. MW2's SP was a 4 hours train ride with one of the worst cliffhangers I've ever seen.

BLOPS' multiplayer is also a lot more balanced and fun. Wager matches are hilarious.

Oh and it has dedicated servers, too.

GodofSackboy2947d ago

BLOPS is crap WTF are you on it's awful compared to MW2. Although they've been exactly the same game since COD4, running on that ancient 11 year old engine

dkgshiz2946d ago

Best COD game of all time.

iamgoatman2946d ago


That and COD2 were the best in the series, with MW2 being the definite low point.

Ducky2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

I constantly switch back and forth between MW and BlackOps (among other games too), and I'd say that BO is more balanced.

MW becomes enjoyable and balanced in servers that forbid GL, 3xfrag spams, and marty. Whereas BO remains balanced even at stock rules.
I still enjoy the gunplay in MW more. Maybe it's just that I'm more used to it, but using the guns just feels... better.

My only issue with BO is the player limit. I like the more chaotic 24-player matches in MW over the 18-player ones in BO. I could play on an unranked server, but no-one plays there it seems... and the ranked servers are almost all 24/7 nuketown.
Even on Nuketown, BlOps just seems like a slower-paced game than MW.

Anyways, both games are still better than MW2. I don't know about the consoles, but that's my experience on the PC (and Panda's too I believe since he mentioned dedis for BO)

Aye, I enjoy CoD2 the most, but don't play it much anymore. Don't know why I'm neglectful of it. It was probably the best CoD game. The modern games with their full-auto weapons with negligible recoil kinda ruin it for me. =(

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MRHARDON2946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

Sorry to break your hearts but MW2 doesnt use a 11 year old engine, they use there own in-studio engine IW 4.0 and they improve it upon every game.

And why they have
"This game contains software technology licened from Id Software"

Is because they render there maps using ID Techs Compile tool, when you download COD4,COD 5, or COD2 map tools, it comes with a compile tools created by ID Tech and Radiant is created by ID Tech too.

The engine is seperate, thats created by IW...

kaveti66162946d ago (Edited 2946d ago )

The tech they are using is from the iDTech 3 engine.

That's a pretty old engine.

You can clearly see the difference in visuals between a game that uses iDTech 3 and a game that uses iDTech4, such as Brink.

Brink looks a lot better than COD MW2 and Black Ops.

And Brink is made by Splash Damage, a studio whose budget is certainly not as prodigious as Treyarch's budget or Infinity Ward's budget.

And the worst of it is that there iDTech 5 blows both iDtech 3 and iDtech 4 out of the water.

So it's very disappointing that Activision hasn't even tried to acquire iDTech 4 for its flagship series.

Based on statements from iD, they will not be licensing their newest engine to anyone other than possibly Bethesda.

PSWe602946d ago

I've learned to hate that man...Happy Holidays Mother F*cker!

AKS2946d ago

I thought it was Kotick that has the shady record of not paying deserving people dues (and firing them as well).

frelyler2946d ago

Except they took assets that a very talented team built from the ground up and used them to put a new skin on a game. Treyarch hasn't proven shit yet in regards to FPS. Make them do some of the research and leg work then let's see what they can do. I am not saying they can't do it, but they haven't.

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