Microsoft wants Windows 8 to relaunch PC gaming

Microsoft will use Windows 8 to relaunch itself at the forefront of PC gaming, TechRadar understands, with the software giant ready to put its weight behind the platform once more.

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NewMonday2855d ago

With Xbox live and official 360 emulation maybe?

Cajun Chicken2855d ago

You WANT to PAY for something that's free?

I'm sticking with Steam buddy, at least they add and tweak things.

Kran2855d ago

Could have sworn Xbox Live does that too.

I mean, wasnt there an update that uploaded the whole dashboard?

Blaze9292855d ago

Xbox LIVE on Windows is free now buddy...

MAJ0R2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

yeah but steam is way better, just look at the deals they are having

and valve actually cares about pc gaming, not just money

Darkfocus2855d ago

while I agree steam is much better(I hate GFWL used to crash on me all the time) GFWL did have some really good deals a while ago they had really good games that were fairly new on sale for like a $1

KotC2855d ago

Steam and Live on PC are free to use.

Cajun Chicken use google for some facts.

2855d ago
BattleAxe2855d ago

Steam is my #1 place to be on the PC, but I welcome a new Microsoft attitude towards PC gaming. I hope they inegrate all of their services and hopefully they'll finally get smart and release all of their top exclusive games on GFWL.

ComboBreaker2855d ago

Translation: Microsoft wants to get Xbox Live Premium onto the PC too, and force PC gamers to subscribe to Xbox Live Premium on the PC, just to play online games. All Windows 8 games will now require an Xbox Live Premium subscribtion.

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Cajun Chicken2855d ago

It won't be if you expect to play with the community on the OTHER XBL.

Elven62855d ago

Fact check dude, all of that is already free. I can play Shadowrun with gamers on PC and the Xbox 360 for free if I'm on a PC. If I play on 360, I'd have to pay for Live but I could still pay with everyone else.

Everything Xbox Live has to offer is free on the PC. I don't buy Xbox Live Gold that much anymore since most of the Xbox Live gaming I do can be done through a PC for free.

IRetrouk2855d ago

you cant play shadow run because the servers are shut down

BattleAxe2855d ago

I've got a GFWL account, and I have a couple of people on my friends list who are on Xbox Live. They can see all my PC achievements and we can message each other cross platform.

Elven62855d ago

IRetrouk: The servers aren't shut down, I was playing the game the other day.

KotC2855d ago

Shadow is up and running, I don't think they will ever shut them down because MLG gamers still play it.

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ATi_Elite2855d ago

Microsoft is crawling back to the PC with it's head down and tail between it's castrated legs.

Well sorry M$, PC gaming doesn't want you or need you. I only see M$ trying to migrate it's hoard of xbox cronies to the PC and flooding GFWL w/ a bunch of 360 console ports. That's not innovation.

Valve w/ Steam is doing for PC gamers what Sony is doing for PS3 gamers but only better in some aspects cause a month ago i got owned by a Valve developer in HL2 Death Match but any way M$ is all about money and has ZERO love for their community except to rape them every chance they can.

No way am I installing GFWL, or getting a xbox live account, or paying for some stupid xbox live type subscription on the PC when online gaming is FREE. only MORONS would do that. Besides Halo Gears Fable are OVERRATED anyway. (Halo 1 and 2 PC Fable 1 PC Gears 1 PC)

As a PC gamer I dam sure don't want to be bothered with any FN 360 owner online as the whole 360 community is a bunch of juvenile delinquents who game like a bunch of clowns and spew the most vile, vulgar, and racist remarks on xbox live that I have every heard.

Microsoft PLEASE stay on your xbox and stay the hell away from the PC, it's been so much better without you.

Capdastaro2855d ago

As he says this using his Windows Operating System...

ATi_Elite2855d ago

@ Capdastaro

I have a custom built PC and yes I have Windows 7 64 bit XP and Win 7 32bit. But my main OS is OSX 10.5 because I'm running a Hackintosh as well.

I never said anything bad about M$ OS as they are very good, I don't respect M$ for gaming but why am i explaining this to you when it's obvious your a 360 fanboy who will buy anything Microsoft tells you to buy without thinking. so go buy another 360 and a kinect and have fun reading NPD sales reports instead of playing games.

I'm sure when Microsoft starts charging people to play PC games online you'll be the first one signed up and bragging on N4G about how cool you are. Just remember you bought Black OPs $60, an xbox live subscription $50 now an extra $10 bucks more so now your paying Activision to play their games online as well as paying just to play xbox online.

Xbox the more you pay the less Exclusives you get.

kaveti66162855d ago

"why am i explaining this to you when it's obvious your a 360 fanboy who will buy anything Microsoft tells you to buy without thinking."

Slow your roll, dude.

You're so quick to point a finger and label people. You need to calm down.

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dragonelite2855d ago

Probably means it will launch with directX 12.

jakethesnake2855d ago

Yes - and it will have the same effect that Vista had I'm sure with DX10.

Microsoft seems to be stuck on a cycle of Bad OS/Good OS (ME - fail, XP - success, Vista - fail, Win7 - success). Personally, I'm prepared to avoid Windows 8 and wait for the fixed Windows 9.

dragonelite2855d ago

Vista did not fail driver support was just shitty at launch. And the reason why 7 launched so well because vista and 7 are build on the same frame so vista driver could be used under windows 7.

Atleast this is what i was told.

Rage_S902855d ago

what im getting from this is live is free on pc wow xbox people are getting robbed seriously thats f*ck up

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Vesemir2855d ago

I want PC gaming back to what it was before companies started getting a little too greedy.

GodofSackboy2855d ago

Maybe they wouldn't have left if PC games weren't getting pirated 20 times more than they were getting bought.

Vesemir2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

That's because lots of people on poor or half-developed countries owns a mid ranged PC while they don't own a newgen console.

More people owns a PC, hence the piracy rate is higher.
Nothing will change that.

And Yes, they are greed because they want every PC owner in the world to buy their stuff, and that's not necessarily the case, we all know that. Lots of people don't have the funds to support a gaming hobbie like we do. But they own a PC. The rest we all know.

Elven62855d ago

People pirate just as much in "developed nations", the difference is most the pirating in "developing nations" is bought through physical mediums while it's mostly digital everywhere else.

theafroman2855d ago

good luck steam is the best

kaveti66162855d ago

I'd rather MS work with Valve to release games through STEAM.

Croaker2855d ago

I would like to see this too. Though I won't hold my breath for this to happen.

zagibu2855d ago

It WILL happen, because GFWL will continue to fail.

marioPSUC2855d ago

Sorry MS, dont think thats gonna work when theres things like Steam out that tons of PC gamers love. I dont think MS would be as kind and give out the amazing deals that Steam has

Kran2855d ago (Edited 2855d ago )

Not true. Microsoft have done some great deals on Games for Windows live. I got Backlight, as bad as it may be, for 80MSP.

Also, this article doesnt specify what KIND of PC gaming they do. Yes, they have Games for Windows Live, but they may be thinking on PC gaming as a whole, with steam and those crappy £2 games that nobody buys. Oh and MMORPG's.

I think what they mean is like the Alienware.

marioPSUC2855d ago

$2 games nobody buys on steam? They do great deals every day and people buy the things all the time.

Ok and so MS has some deals, but theres no way that they would have the types of deals Steam does.

NYC_Gamer2855d ago

steam always have great deals/bigger selection of titles

Bodster2855d ago

having Bad Company 2 at £6.79 the other day is a perfect example :)

<3 steam!