Top 10 New Video Game Characters of 2010

From the feature article:

"Sequels are great, even if some are terrified to admit it. Deep down we all love revisiting the worlds that swirled through our imaginations and the characters that once captured our hearts and our minds. While we all may have spent thrilling moments this year with Ezio Auditore and took a look through Sam Fisher's goggles once more, there were some truly marvelous new characters introduced in 2010. Some of our new favorites are already making their return next year, while a few have already reached the end of their respective journeys. [Keep in mind this list is dedicated to entirely new characters that have not graced any source material before the year 2010.]"

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UltimaEnder2860d ago

Lot of new characters this year, good to see it's not just all sequels!

LaurenKB1232860d ago

Red Dead cowboy is really good-looking, well done Rockstar!

LoaMcLoa2860d ago

I don't wanna be rude or anything, but he kinda looks like the guy from Starcraft 2 ^^

2860d ago
Acquiescence2860d ago

Scott Shelby
John Marston

Quagmire2860d ago

Nahhmannn Jaydddeeeenn is a joke lol.

Scott Shelby, Trip & Monkey and John Marston, were epic.

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