Neo Geo Heroes: Ultimate Shooting Review (PSP)

Examiner: Don’t take NEOGEO Heroes Ultimate Shooting too seriously. Don’t go on Facebook arguing about the merits of the story. Don’t go on N4G claiming that shmups haven’t been this good since Radiant Silvergun. And don’t go on NeoGaf expecting people to engage you in deep discourse when you have a bouncing Mai Shiranui avatar. Just forget it. Forget that there’s a “story” (that seems taken out of a NEOGEO fanfic) about a Doctor (Emmett?) Brown who uses time travel (huh?) to whisk away SNK’s finest from their battles and turn them into shooters with absurd special moves. Take any and all pretense you might have about the universe that the characters in Ultimate Shooting reside in and you’re left with a solid shmup that burns out well before you have time to complain about its shortcomings.

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