Yahoo - Killzone 3 - Hands-on preview

Yahoo - PlayStation’s latest counter strike to the Xbox ‘Halo’ series begins early next year, armed with motion-sensing Move support and 3D visuals. Here we consider its chances. Have to say, it's looking superb - 3D or no 3D.

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morganfell2856d ago

"So, how does a high-end first person shooter perform using gesture control? The answer is pretty much as you’d expect. Calibration of PlayStation Move takes no time at all, and works without hitch to get you into the experience for all that it is worth."

But their comment about the confusion of differentiating between Helghast and ISA is absurd. This is my 4th Killzone game and I have never heard of anyone having a problem telling them apart.

I have been in the beta and it is like FPS crack. I can't wait for the full version to release.

-Mezzo-2856d ago

You and me both, i have it pre-orderd on Amazon, & i am 100% sure that i'll be playing KZ3 nonstop for months to come.

GodofSackboy2856d ago

Oh come, on the Helghast and ISA are like chalk and cheese, they're so different. When I'm online in KZ2, all I have to look for is a red glow and Ive found a Helghast. Same with a blue glow for ISA. Much easier than most FPS.

fooltheman2855d ago


^^ XD

Rhezin2856d ago

yuuuuuuuuuuup. Planning on gettin some purp when that sh!t releases.

SpaceSquirrel2856d ago

2011 is packed with many great PS3 exclusives

-Mezzo-2856d ago

Agreed. and all are only my day one buy list.