10 most wanted games of 2011

Yahoo - Can PlayStation Move enable Sony’s flagship first-person shooter to belittle its biggest rival, ‘Halo: Reach’ for Xbox 360? Accurate motion-controlled targeting is just one of the ideas touted for this second outing of ‘Killzone’ on PlayStation 3. It will also display in 3D if your telly is capable. We rejoin earth’s Interplanetary Strategic Alliance troops versus the alien Helghast Empire. Hua!

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-Mezzo-2860d ago

My wallet will be in a Coma throughout 2011, So many gamea are on my Day 1 purchase list.

Starting from:

LBP--ME2--Dead Space 2--Killzone 3--Crysis 2--inFamous 2--Uncharted 3--Gears Of War 3--Twisted Metal--MotorStorm--ME3-----... .... So Many More.

Valay2860d ago

But you forgot The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword!

BattleAxe2860d ago

1.Uncharted 3
2.Killzone 3
3.Resistance 3
4.Socom 4
5.Crysis 2
6.Deus Ex: Human Revolution
8.Portal 2
9.Ghost Recon: Future Soldier
10.Mass Effect 2
11.The Last Guardian
12.Team Ico Collection
12.Operation Flashpoint: Red River
13.Bioshock Infinity
17.The Agency

Theres no way I can keep it to 10 games this year lol. This is truely the Golden Age for gaming.

-Mezzo-2860d ago

All the games mentioned here are sure to be big hits, apart from FEAR3 & Operation Flashpoint i have my doubts about these 2. i need around 1K just for games in 2011, let alone the rent groceries, dining out, going to the movies , all the bills, the girl friend, birthdays, clothes, gadgets & so much more.

i am so damn nerveous.

BattleAxe2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I hear what you're saying about Operation Flashpoint and FEAR3, and you can be sure that if the quality isn't high with these games, that I'll wait a year or two and buy them during a Steam sale for $9.99 or cheaper. I bought Operation Flashpint: Dragon Rising for $4.50 during the last Steam Summer sale.