Media Create software sales (12/13 – 12/19)

Media Create has published the latest software sales from Japan. First week sales for Castlevania and Call of Duty: Black Ops (Dubbed Edition) have been revealed.

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boogeyman9992947d ago

Monster Hunter PSP is crazy

NewMonday2947d ago

Something bad is happening in the Japanese market, don’t they by HD games anymore.

Even Japanese developed games like Vanquish, Trinity SOZ, and a Japanese IP like Castilvania are cold.

I can only think of 3 reasons:
1-sales tracking is wrong
2-there is more shifting to handhelds.
3-there is a big proliferation of PS3JB in Japan. I suspect this because before the PS3JB a lot of games release to 100k-300k sales. But all the games I mentioned are under 50k in sales now.

rockleex2947d ago

Why? Because there's not enough big JRPGs on consoles, and no Monster Hunter on the PS3.

Not only that, most Japanese developers are cowards. They'd rather spend a small amount of money to make mediocre games for the Wii and handhelds to guarantee profit.

Rather than using huge budgets to create AAA titles that will GUARANTEE great sales if they have quality control.

They took the easy way out.

Think about it, they haven't even made Monster Hunter for the PS3 yet! Its a guaranteed success! >_<

rezzah2946d ago

exactly, MH-Tri was meant for the PS3 literally but Capcom changed their mind seeing as how much the Wii was selling compared to the PS3 and 360 back then.

-Mezzo-2947d ago

Wow a PSP Game selling "3,161,801" sealed copies, that a surprise. Monster Hunter is really loved in that part of the world.

Ruggadagod2946d ago


Seraphemz2946d ago

Can't wait for monster hunter 3 to hit the states!

Azianphil882946d ago

it would be interesting to see Sony talking to Capcom to bring Monster Hunter to the PS3 exclusively

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