PS3 Receives “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity”

"Sony Computer Entertainment Japan has just announced their latest service “Music Unlimited powered by Qriocity”. This new cloud-based music-streaming service provides users with unlimited access to millions of songs from the top record labels providing all listeners with an experience in which they can enjoy."

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Nick2120042858d ago

This is most definitely a service I will utilize when it hits here in the United States!

Commander_TK2858d ago

Meh, it's probably gonna be filled with mainstream crap. I listen to underground music, especially post-rock.

Bell Boy2858d ago

good for you but why exactly would this make this a bad move by Sony to launch just because you have minority tastes?

I too like lot's of non mainstream stuff from many genre
but it's obvious this is only a major plus for the ps3

killajd2858d ago

Another service that looks great and usefull thanks for the heads up Nick! I so hope they roll this out soon cause this is looking very cool. Keep bringing on the apps for our PS3.

killajd2858d ago

I dont know about the rest of the Ps3 users but Im tired of getting milked dry on all of these paid services. Lets start linking some services to the psn+! It is a + service so lets see some services like Netflix or some others come over to the psn+ side Please

Nick2120042858d ago

I see what your saying, but there is no way Sony would be able to strike a deal with Netflix where it would be included in your PlayStation Plus subscription unless they charged users more. Remember they are both businesses and their goals are to make money. We may see something with Qriocity though since it is actually owned by Sony ;)

redwolf2858d ago

as long as PS3 is in the title no one cares here

ChronoJoe2858d ago

Maybe because this one is about SCEJ and the other is about SCEE.

I dunno though.

Masterchef20072858d ago

They love adding features to the PS3. Its great to see that the console is recieving a ton of support

Simco8762858d ago

pass... I will just use Pandora.

If it was added with the PS+ service though, that would be amazing!

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