Kazuo Hirai "Sony on track to sell 15 mln PS3s in 2010/11"

"Sales at the end of the year are as we expected," Executive Vice President Kazuo Hirai, who also heads the company's games unit, told reporters at a roundtable in Tokyo.

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DontShoot-Me-Bro2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )


15 million in Sony's business year!?!

They deserve it.

They are going to do way better next year, with all the great games coming out.

Thank you Sony for the greatest gaming experience.


@ zootang

yeaahh imagine if they cut the price, woow. It will sell better than when the PS Slim was announced.

and also Sony are saying the PS3 maybe can sell more than the PS2.

Sony UK boss Ray Maguire admits there is a "long way to go", and recognises that "most of the PS2 product we sold was sold at £150 or below"

"If you could get a PS3 for a hundred pounds... Can you imagine? It could go much higher and last longer."

zootang2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I think next year could see the $199/£199 price mark.

3D, Blu-Ray, Media streamer with a huge number of exclusives all for $199. I think it's a bargain now, it will be a steal at $199

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norman292861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I await 'Microsoft comments on Sonys expected sales numbers, "Microsoft on track to sell 30 mln 360's in 2010/11"' you know its coming, not because they are but its just the way shiz works

morganfell2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I bought my first PS3 at launch. A 60Gb version. It was an higher price but there was so much included that it was the better value in the long run. A much better value.

From that moment I purchased the PS3 I never bought another DVD. All Blurays. In fact, I received the first 5 free as part of the Bluray qualifying deal for certain players of which the PS3 was one. Right down the line the PS3 has been a great deal.

This will be an absolutely huge year for the PS3. Sony still has quite a few studios that have been working on unannounced projects for over a year. It will be interesting to see what unfolds.

When a price drop comes, and it is only a matter of when, it will be the final damn break for most people.

rrw2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

to make comparison last year they get 13 million. i predict they will get 18-20 million of sales next year since huge number of exclusivity.

i think is possible to get price cut consider blue ray is getting cheaper and what sony do is offering smaller HDD to cut the cost.

Flashwave_UK2861d ago

omfg sony you deserve it *tears* the best gaming experience ive ever had was allways from a playstation console or handheld

The Meerkat2861d ago

Amiga > 360 > N64 > PS2.

Most of my best memories are from the Amiga.

GodofSackboy2861d ago

Agreed *remembers golden age of PS2 playing Ratchet Clank Going Commando* always from Playstation

mcstorm2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

@the meerkat I agree with you the Amiga days were by far the best I had my Amiga 1200 until 2002 and still have my amaga 32 love that console was way ahead of its time just ashame they went bust.

As for the ps3 numbers I think they can get them if they lower the ps3 price and sort out the move bundles but I hope Sony take notice of MS as they can still make a big drop in price for the 360 and kinect. Tbh I think both Sony and MS will have there best years yet this Gen with there consoles and Nintendo will have a good year with the 3ds.

Christopher2861d ago

15 million? I'm thinking they're aiming for a price cut or something similar then. Sure, there are going to be a ton of games, but most of the people who would play them already own a PS3 this late in the game.

Simco8762861d ago

Late in the game? PS3 is at its peak anyways!

Can't wait to see what Microsoft's next console will be and Nintendo's fold into the handheld market only

jessupj2861d ago

It's true, anyone that buys a PS3 now (apart from 360 owners turning to the dark side) are casuals.

It's sad to think there is only a few million gamers out in the world that are truely hardcore.

Moentjers2861d ago


and don't forget the millions that have to wait until old enough or have enough money, that brings each year a fresh load of gamers to the PS3

kneon2861d ago

They set the 15 million target at the beginning of the year, they are just confirming that they are on track.

I wouldn't expect a price cut before E3.

Christopher2861d ago

@kneon: Actually, it's their fiscal year they're talking about, which is April-March. That means they're expecting another 4-5 million in the next 4 months, which tend to be the weakest months for console sales.

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ZeldaForever2861d ago

sell better then the ps2?lmfao joke

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Shazz2861d ago

excellent sony well done .

joeorc2861d ago

it's the 19 extra countries that Sony expanded the PS3 market into

just recently:

PlayStation® Launches New Latin American Campaign Through Saatchi & Saatchi

10 NOV 2010

SCEA's presence in Latin America has expanded into 19 countries across the region including, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Brazil*, Peru, Honduras, Belize, Paraguay, Uruguay, Guatemala, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Bolivia.

"PlayStation is experiencing tremendous growth and opportunity in Latin America. We're providing extended access to the full array of PlayStation products and services in Latin America including PlayStation Move games like The Shoot, The Fight: Lights Out, and EyePet, and are making these products available on the same day as US and Canada," said Mark Stanley, general manager of Latin America for SCEA. "The company remains focused on creating localized and exclusive experiences that are tailored for consumers in this region and our new advertising initiative is a huge testament to the direct dialogue we want to continue building with Latin American consumers that are looking to enhance their entertainment experiences with PlayStation."

opening your system's an platforms into more countries is most likely a good way to establish more sales in a global market than just concentrating on only certain areas of the World Wide market.

acky12861d ago

this is why I love giving my money to sony. They would take a bullet for us consumers. Getting the console out worldwide just shows how much they care.
Sony 'til I die

GodofSackboy2861d ago

You deserve it Sony. I hope Sony see these comments and realize that we know they are the only company that didn't sell out to the casuals, that keep pumping out top notch exclusives, that keep updating their system with new features, that take risks like LBP, Home, Flower, Fl0w, Joumey and Heavy Rain, that sell all their PS3s at a loss but are still willing to keep the price low, that sell the 160 gb slim at the same price as the xbox slim elite even though the ps3 costs much more to produce, to not be relying TOTALLY on motion control as both other companies are, but still providing the best motion controller with the best games, even though they won't make as much profit as the other companies. Without them we would never have had Ratchet and Clank, Sly, Jak and Daxter, Uncharted, Ico, Okami, Littlebigplanet, thatgamecompany, Gran Turismo, The Last Guardian, because they appeal to me more than Halo, Gears and Left for Dead. Thank you Sony *wipes tear*

ZeldaForever2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

lmfao Gran Turismo didn't live up to its name feels like im playing GT4 again such hype yet what a joke sold my ps3 in for a wii and happy with my 360 i rather save my money for the 3DS and gears of war and great upcoming games from MS and Nintendo rather then that shitty list..

Edit:@below?oh 360 has no rpgs?i at least still get to play tales of vesperia in english while people like you are still bitching for it for english on ps3rd and forza4 is going to make Gt5 pay for its big mistake..

trevonn952861d ago

you sold ya ps3 for wii dude WTF!! and i fint it funny how you mention forza 4 will make gt5 pay even though gt5 is getting a shitload of support that forza neva got and forza 3 maxes out 360 so how is forza 4 gonna improve appart from a few new features u dumbass troll now go enjoy your sub hd game with shitty physics and shitty damage model

remanutd552861d ago

man maybe you and me played 2 different versions of GT4 because i dont feel like im playing the game again , you know its my first time playing Nascar , Rally , Super GT , Kart racing , weather Effects , Night Races , headtracking , 16 players online , course editor , external damage( i think if im not mistaken GT2 had limited mechanical damage ) and everything on 3D in a Gran Turismo game so i and millions of others must've picked a limited GT 4 copy , as a long time GT fan i think the game is great and i cant wait to try that X1 prototype

Koolno2861d ago

Another new donkeytroll account.

don't feed him, let him eat his craps.

jessupj2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I can't comprehend how any one could sell their PS3 with the huge amount of exclusives coming out while the 360 has next to nil. There's only 2 reasons a fool would do that. Either Sony killed your mum or you're a huge rabid fanboy. I'm leaning towards the fanboy scenario. I don't like being immature with personal attacks, but honestly, you have absolutely no idea what a good game is.

ZeldaForever2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

nascar?and kart racing?dont make me laugh theres a nascar game coming out that will be better then that and i think Gt5 is trying to be mario kart which its not and why do i care about 3D?i take care of my eyes if you want to fuck yours up go right ahead and you have no right to talk down on me and tell me i don't know what good games are i play whatever i want not what you want if i think mario kart is better then gt5 my opinion and if i think halo is better then killzone my opinion gt5 was boring all that time sony pushed the game back and it just ddin't live up to its name im so sorry but i rather wait for a better racing game maybe hot pursuit..

remanutd552860d ago

lol when did i talk to you down ? when did i say you dont know about good games ? who told you to play any game? you were saying that GT5 is a fail because it feels like GT4 ,as a long time Gran Turismo fan i mentioned features that has never been on a Gran Turismo game BEFORE , so to me the game doesnt feel like GT4 , it feels like a current generation Gran Turismo game , everybody have preferences , seems to me that you like arcade racers ( since you think Need for Speed is a better experience ) , thats the misconception younger and new racing fans have about Gran Turismo , they come expecting an arcade , easy experience , this is a driving SIMULATOR , this game is all about mastering each and every car you get , this is Gran Turismo and next time learn to read and assimilate comments , i've never said what game you should played or what game you should like , and i only commented on this off topic comment of yours because to me you were extremely wrong about the game , thats all

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Ruggadagod2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

is not playing around lol. i already have mine so it's all good. i'm just building up my ps3 collection with many diverse games. can't wait until 2011. it has all sorts of games i want.

jrpgs(oh god yes more)
and many more

this is why I've been a PlayStation fan since i was 9 years old - the games. i don't think that there is one gamer in the world that doesn't like PlayStation. sure, when it comes to ps3, some have rather "different" opinions. they had to like PlayStation at some point in their life regardless. i can't say the same thing about the xbox brand because it doesn't seem as diverse to me.

RedRedSuitSDF2861d ago

Guess what? 360 and Wii have all those types of games too. 360 has even more than the PS3 has. ;) All sorts of diverse games.

GodofSackboy2861d ago

They really don't. They have shooters. That is literally as far it goes for 360. Wii has Mario and other kids games. Sony is where it's at just like all the other gens

Ruggadagod2861d ago

and i have a 360. it really is not that diverse to me, at least over here in america besides xbla. it doesn't have those games that makes me want to be with the xbox brand for years and years. playstation always has those types of games for me. i sound biased, but I'm just saying how it is for me. the only games that stood out to me for the xbox brand was halo,fable,gears and that's it.

RedRedSuitSDF2861d ago


you don't sound biased... you just sound like you have a preference. I have both consoles too.. and used to have a Wii... but sold that a few christmas's ago... And like you.. I have my preferences, and I prefer my 360 this gen over my PS3. I think it has all those games you like on it... and yes, that includes Xbox Live arcade games. You can't exclude them, because they have those.

Last gen I preferred my PS2, over my Xbox. It's completely reversed this gen for me. But anyhoo.. I don't think you're biased. You just prefer one over the other right now. We are the best kind of fanboys... the ones that have all the consoles, and give most all the games a chance... and that gives us the right to talk smack if we want. We're not the one console only owning type. ;)

Koolno2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Here we go, another new troll/ms employee account.

F..liar, or worst, fanboy in total denial.

Just check games lists, ps3 has way more great exclusives than others since 2008, and for 2011, there is no competition from microsoft.

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