HD Re-Releases: Fan Appreciation or Fan Burglary?

What do Halo: Combat Evolved, Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time, Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow, and God of War II have in common? They are all a part of the latest trend in the gaming industry: re-releasing titles from previous generations with updated HD graphics.

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HarryMonogenis2862d ago

A Halo: Combat Evolved remake hasn't been announced yet.

killyourfm2862d ago

No, it hasn't. But note that the author clearly states that, AND this isn't a news piece. The article is tackling the flood of announcements that HAVE happened and the general trend of remakes. Please remove your report?

I_find_it_funny2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

So far I love them all.

Im not going to play old games on HD screen, here i got 2-3 games with better graphics and all, trophies, and even move/3d.
Remastered version don't slow down new games, look who's behind it, Sucker Punch? Santa Monica? of course not.

It's a win for everybody, sentimental gamers, new commers, small devs to get more exp and cred, publishers, etc.

Don't like it? Don't buy it. Only Xbox gamers can be unhappy about all this.

AwakenTheTaco2861d ago

i dont see why every one points to the xbox gamers as the ones not wanting this to happen..i mean i would love to see a halo ce remake with online the old days...i love the thought of hd remakes as long as they dont go trying to add to much on top of it.

Active Reload2861d ago

I'm an Xbox gamer and I don't give two shits whether these things happen or not.

BattleAxe2861d ago

If you don't want to buy the remake, then don't buy it. I hope that if they do remake Halo:CE that it gets released on GFWL, because I'll buy it for sure.

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Blaze9292861d ago

I'm all for HD remakes but man, I knew as soon as sony did the God of War Collection that this would soon get out of hand with 3rd parties.

I hope they don't forget they still need to make NEW games/IPs and not just rehash a bunch of old games from last gen to get by since taking risks on new IPs is almost non-existent now.

inb4 everyone starts releasing remakes/collections and forgetting about new games/IPs

TheBand1t2861d ago

It's just easy money in the bank, really. Outsource old games to a cheap dev to bump up the res, FPS and textures, and it's gold.

Besides, a company isn't going to stop making new games just because old ones are easy cash. If anything they're good cushioning should newer IPs not do as well.

morganfell2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I don't understand how it can be burglary if no one is making these games and then sneaking in a stealing money from your wallet and leaving the game behind with you. It isn't robbery because they aren't putting a gun to your head and making you buy it.

These misguided journalistic assumptions start as some sort of mental hiccup and then blossom into spam. It's called choice and opportunity. Obviously enough people want them, I certainly do.

otherZinc2861d ago

What SONY has done is burglary, I'll explain:
The PS3 was announced as a backwards compatible machine. SONY released a new machine & omitted backwards compatibility.

Now, that you cant play PS2 games on your PS3, SONY charges you for Gow 1 & 2/ Sly series/soon ICO & Shadow. At least "IF" M$ releases a Halo 1 remake, you'll still get the Halo 1 experience from the copy you purchased back in 2001/02 when the original XBOX released.

And, when M$ released the 360 Short, they kept that same release day promise of backwards compatibility.

To recap:
SONY is committing a burglary.
M$ is giving you an HD option.

badz1492861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

dumbest comment of the day?

"SONY released a new machine & omitted backwards compatibility." - and cut the price from $499/$599 previously to $399! they throw out PS2 chips and cut the price by $100, less than a year after launch. what else do you want?

"Now, that you cant play PS2 games on your PS3, SONY charges you for Gow 1 & 2/ Sly series/soon ICO & Shadow." - "charge"?? Sony forces you to buy these HD versions? or else what? your console got banned? you can't play online anymore?

"And, when M$ released the 360 Short, they kept that same release day promise of backwards compatibility." - dude, the 360 is not BC! only a handful of xbox games work on 360!

BShea2862d ago

It's been heavily rumored, however.

Quagmire2861d ago

Wonder if they'll release a Halo Trilogy HD remake for PS3?

Blaze9292861d ago

I hope you weren't serious....

peeps2861d ago

pretty sure halo's owned by ms?

Hozi892861d ago

Hells yeah! That would be the day!

AwakenTheTaco2861d ago

ill see you when they port god of war or jack and daxter to the 360.

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peeps2861d ago

It depends if the fans think it's worth the money

e.g. You can buy the 3 pop games for £3 each so you can get the trilogy for £9

Now the HD trilogy is £18 so for £9 more your getting trophies for all 3 games and upgraded visuals to make the games more appealing to the eye. It just depends whether or not you think the extra £9 is worth it or not.

Of course you can argue that due to all new ps3's not having backwards compatibility they are forcing you to buy these remakes, however I believe a lot of gamers who still enjoy playing the older ps2 games will have kept their ps2... Sure some may have traded theirs in when they bought a ps3 (I know i did) but even with my backwards compatible ps3 at the time i personally barely touched any ps2 games, not now games of this gen looked and played so much better.

These HD remakes imo offer nostalgic gamers the chance to reply games or play games they missed the first time with pretier graphics and trophies so I can only see the advantages to gamers

Jdoki2861d ago

And there's also the point that a lot of these remastered PS2/Xbox games were AWESOME in the first place. So giving gamers an opportunity to play them in HD is a great idea.

Queasy2861d ago

If gamers are calling for HD remakes of certain games (which they have been) then I don't have an issue with it. It'll become an issue when the publishers start running out of popular franchises to update.

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