LittleBigPlanet 2 Official Guide Revealed

BradyGames has today unveiled the official strategy guide for the highly anticipated LittleBigPlanet 2, set to accompany the game’s release on January 21st 2011. Joining BradyGames’ critically acclaimed Signature Series of strategy guides, the LittleBigPlanet 2 Signature Series Guide is billed as the ‘Ultimate Creator’s Resource’.

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MarcusFenixITA2857d ago

I will buy this game! Sony has such a great richness according to varied genres and all of them are exclusives.

Black-Helghast2857d ago

I want more awesome RPG games like Demon Souls. :(

ChronoJoe2857d ago

I'll probably buy this guide. Not like I'm ever gonna' find all the prize bubbles without help (on LBP1 I got a friend to join my lobby and grab them, cause he remembered where they were from when he used a guide).

Plus, the creation mode help in the guide will be nice to reference. Can't wait to start making levels.

phatak2857d ago

100 % buying this guide

xtremegamerage2857d ago

Loved the new demo, much improved graphics and felt smoother.

Good job MM.

silkrevolver2857d ago

...I haven’t bought a guide since I was a kid, and it was always for Final Fantasy or Pokémon... and that’s only because I’m a diehard completionist... I’m not against guides, though... I just get more satisfaction of completing something of my own accord.