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XMNR: Mass Effect 2 finally hit the Playstation 3 last night in the form of the demo. It promises upgraded graphics due to the use of the same engine as Mass Effect 3 along with a few other extra goodies. We took the demo for a test spin last night after downloading it and dove back into the sci-fi RPG tale from BioWare.

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SnakeMustDie3130d ago

I was surprised how the PS3 demo graphically held up against the PC version. The blur is much cleaner and I noticed that the vorcha was more detailed on the demo compared to the PC version.

hennessey863130d ago

im still waiting for it to appear in the psn store

3dawg3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

did u also noticed the hiccups? not as smooth as i thought it should be.

edit: @disagrees play the f%^&ng demo!

RedRedSuitSDF3130d ago

Yep... reports are coming in that it's not as smooth as the 360 version. Not surprising.

Queasy3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Yeah, it is mentioned in the article.

Edit: You're disagreeing that it is mentioned in the article?

jack_burt0n3130d ago

Just played through it a second time, it is def a step up from the 360 version, your obviously getting reports from ppl that dont have a ps3 like yourself.

dead space 2 is better on ps3 too LOL

Biggunz3130d ago

considering the source I doubt if the reviewer even played the game.

Vortex3D3130d ago

It seems whenever someone comments that ME2 demo on PS3 doesn't have smooth framerates, it gets a lot of disagrees. I played the demo and commented of poor framerates and also getting disagrees.

My opinion is many PS3 gamers have been waiting for ME2 and with the hype of PS3 version has better "graphics" because of ME3 engine, reading someone saying it has poor framerates just don't go well. It's like popping their hype bubble.

Hasn't ME2 on PS3 already gone gold? I do hope the shipping game has smooth framerates as X360 version but I wouldn't be surprised if the main complain will be framerates on the full game when it's out.

3dawg3130d ago

heres my psn id buddy DarkOnigenma82 yeah while youre at it enjoy comparing my plat against yours. LOL i have 2 ps3s and 2 xbox360s if you need proof on those as well lemme know i'll take a pic ASAP. kbye

again psn id: DarkOnigenma82
xbl : Ganz 1982

IcarusOne3129d ago

lol @ phantom disagrees. PS3 fanboys never disappoint.

It's funny how they never gave a shit about ME before. In fact, some of them shit all over it because it was a lowly xbox exclusive. Now, the second you mention one unflattering thing about the port, they get all pissy.

Change your tampons people. Just be glad you're getting this game. It's one of the best written stories out there. Which proves my point that true genius and inspiration don't reside exlusively with first party developers.

Nemo883129d ago

@Vortex 3D youre not being truthful are you???

It says nowhere in the article its has hiccups... COMPARED TO 360 version.

Just that.. it still has hiccups.. like the 360 version did!!

Get it straight and deal with it ;)

Oh my what will Mass Effect 3 look like on PS3 they got the engine running this well already?

Exciting. And silent PS3 with no disc changing...gotta hurt

Queasy3129d ago

@Biggunz: Yeah, aren't baseless accusations fun? I did play the demo on the PS3.

Don't know what you're so upset about as the Impressions article (not a review) is overall very positive.

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BattleAxe3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Heres their opinion:


"Overall, the game is the same Mass Effect 2 that PC and Xbox 360 players enjoyed when it was released at the beginning of the year. The game gets a graphical upgrade courtesy of the Mass Effect 3 engine but there's still the occasional hitch in the engine but nothing that is disruptive to the experience. There is a difference in the graphics between the PS3 version and the Xbox 360 version but it is hard to quantify as to how much. Let's just say that the PS3 version does look better than the Xbox 360 version and looks very clean with upgraded features and character models. It will be enjoyed very much."

This should wrap things up here.

Masterchef20073129d ago

So much for the superior 360 version. But what do you expect they had a year to work on the PS3 version like Bethesda did with Oblvion same thing

Hellsvacancy3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )

Im on the toilet (right now)takin a poop, typin this and smokin a big spliff (multitaskin to the extgreme) and as soon as im done im gonna fire the Massive Effect 2 demo up, im lookin well forward to playin it, i like me RPGs, im just glad i finally get to try it myself

redDevil873130d ago


Good to know man. Just make sure you have enough TP.

hamburger1233130d ago

dont forget to clean your ass

Apocwhen3130d ago

And wash your hands before you pick up the controller

R2D23130d ago

and remember to spray Lysol on the toilet rim.

MicroSony4Life3130d ago

Grab a Big Mac while your takeing a dump - it enhances the flavor in way you can only imagine.

Pacman3213129d ago

Hahahaha you guys just made my day

Masterchef20073129d ago

Do you have TP? TP for my bunghole?

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RedRedSuitSDF3130d ago ShowReplies(6)
phantomexe3130d ago

be a man wipe with the hand.....

ct033130d ago

And then have a sandwich.

soundslike3130d ago (Edited 3130d ago )


*not to be confused with an actual time consuming shit where you catch up on that Phillip K Dick novel you neglected for months.

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