Top 5 New Game IPs Of The Year

In a year where we saw the final game of the Halo franchise, yet another Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor title, and even another Mario game, some franchises new to the scene have been forgotten. These new additions deserve some recognition for at least being original, and not relying on a popular character to spur their sales. Here’s the best of the new game IPs released in 2010.

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NecrumSlavery2855d ago

Although it is a great game, Red Dead is a sequel. It is not a new IP.

TheHip142855d ago

Hoping to see an Alan Wake sequel soon

RaymondM2855d ago

same here man, i couldn't get enough of Alan Wake, it was so captivating

thegreatest78842855d ago

Red Dead Redemption is the follow up to Red Dead Revolver. I would say Heavy Rain is my favorite new IP of 2010.

ColinKapow2855d ago

Red Dead is a sequel but rockstar seem to keep quiet about the original so I get why it was included. Not too shabby a year of new ips

Doctorofreality2855d ago

Enslaved should be there.

2011 is gonna be mint.

Quagmire2855d ago

Heavy Rain
Alan Wake

were all great new IPs. I still dont see how Bayonetta counts as a new IP, but whatever.

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